Family Style: Valentine’s Day Outfits

Four kids, four styles, four different takes on Valentine’s Day.

kids valentines day outfits

Preppy Look: Shirt,  BowtieJeansShoes

Glam Look:  Bow, Crewcuts Tee, Gap Kids Skirt, Gap Kids Shoes

Rock:  Glasses, Button Down, Tee, Pants, Shoes

Sporty: Hair Bow, H & M Dress, Old Navy Cardigan, Gymboree Tights, Chuck Taylors

What is your kid’s style?  Do you have their V-Day outfit ready yet?

About Kristin Cheuvront

Kristin the co-founder/editor of The Little Style File. She is mom to Ellie (8),Madeline (5.5) and baby Will (born March 2014). Kristin loves helping families look their best, finding unique gifts and throwing a great party. Connect with Kristin on twitter.


  1. LOVE the GLAM! That is so my daughter!

  2. First time stopping in..from Chic Blog Network….
    These kids fashions are ADORABLE! The little plaid red shirt and black jeans is SO my little mans style. Love this compilation:)
    Be back soon…always glad to discover new blogs.

  3. I like the little prep look for the boys! So cute!

  4. Thanks, ladies! These looks were so fun to put together!

  5. I love these, but especially the blue/red dress on the right. So, so cute!

  6. I’ve got some shopping to do. Always get the girls v-day dresses. I hope you’ll swing by our fashion linky and show off your style. Linky is open for a week!