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What do you get when a designing superstar from Atlanta joins forces with a highly experienced sewing company? You get one of the fashion industry’s fastest growing lines of handbags cinda b!

Cinda Boomshiner, who lives in Atlanta, wanted to expand her business just as the previous production service team to Vera Bradley was cut. This company’s goal is to make products for every lifestyle and of every step in life, and they do an excellent job at achieving it!

I am lucky enough to live in Fort Wayne Indiana, where the headquarters are located, and was thrilled to be able to meet with one of the executives, Sara Webster. She gave me a tour and answered my questions while staying updated on Cinda’s status in Atlanta because her water had just broken! I bet we can all guess what kind of diaper bag she will have.

I found the cinda b facility polished and classy especially for its industrial setting and they were in the process of making it even more stylish! I was able to see the whole Fort Wayne plant and we started in the offices and met with all of the different departments. Next we browsed through their show room where spring and summer patterns, aka “colorways”, were on display.

 They also just put out the upcoming fall line called Mod Tortoise. Which we absolutely love!

Then a few steps away, there is a room they call “Seconds.” This is where people could actually go to shop and is full of beautiful colors and discounted/discontinued products and color ways. This is the perfect room for bargain hunters!

Then our tour breezed through the customer control offices and into the production end of the facility. I first saw the room with all of the rolls of fabrics ready to made into a customer’s perfect accessory. Then the attached room was home to the 100 sewing stations where all of the bags are sewn together, hand stuffed with the current catalog, and adorned with the cinda b logo. What is really cool is that because their facility does not have a ton of storage, all orders are made when they are ordered! One thing I really liked about the tour and the plant were the cinda b posters everywhere, each with a different phrase. “b sporty,” “b relaxed,” “b jet set,” “b youthful,” “b accessorized” and so on. Very cool marketing scheme!

If that isn’t impressive enough, cinda b offers more than 45 different styles and 13 colorways! My personal favorite colorway is the Revinia Ivory and Sara Webster, the woman is a big fan of the new spring colorway Scala Ivory. What makes cinda b products so great is the material they use. Unlike Vera Bradley’s cloth bags that tend to get stained, cinda b uses the latest polynylon fabrics for all of their products. This material gives rise to durable, lightweight, and (most importantly) stain resistant pieces; perfect for all women!

The most popular type of product is their travel accessories, which is what the upcoming fall line really focuses on. She also said other high selling products were the vertical cosmetic bags, the business totes, and the hipster purses. But if these color ways didn’t already tickle your fancy, get excited because they just finished the fall and winter catalog and are already working on next spring and summer’s trends! As an insider scoop, I saw the pattern inspirations and colors and for next spring and summer they are incorporating a lot of green, red, and designs that pop!

cinda b 

 Another fun piece of information about their products is what they do with them. For example they have a really cool hospital program and an on campus program (of which I am a campus rep-go Purdue!). The hospital program is quite endearing. They have a relationship with several hospitals who buy cinda b baby products (the Babe-A-Licious baby bag and the changing pad with diaper sleeve) at a discounted rate and then give the products to new mothers as a gift! Cinda B products can fit every lifestyle from college student to a busy mom!

To keep up with cinda b, you can find them on facebook and twitter.


Emily Beam is The Little Style File’s summer intern.  She loves great style and is an avid DIY girl.  Look for more posts by Emily coming this summer.


  1. What fabulous bags! Super cool feature!