Minnetonka Giveaway

TLSF families are big fans of Minnetonka! We love Minnetonka because their fun and stylish designs make every outfit a little more fun.  Plus the entire family can wear and enjoy them.  From classic mocs to trendy colors, Minnetonkas can be worn with just about anything.


Recently TLSF kids were asked to show how they love to wear their Minnetonkas!


You can see our Minnetonka story today at on the Minnetonka Blogger Spotlight.  To celebrate, we are having a giveaway!


All of TLSF girls have the 3 Layer Fringe Boots in a different color and they are obsessed with them!  Enter below to win a pair for your favorite little girl.

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About Betsy Breuer

Betsy is the co-founder/editor of The Little Style File. She is mom to Mia (8) and Dylan (5) and lives in the Chicago suburbs. Betsy loves shopping and finding the coolest products for kids. Connect with Betsy on twitter.


  1. sarah gruber says:

    black or gray

  2. I’d pick the dusty brown suede


  3. I love the pink ones!

  4. Adorable! I bet my daughter would love the pink!

  5. Kasey Bell says:

    My Daughter Owynn wanted the black 3 layered fringe boot until we discovered the pink 3 layered fringe boot. ……. Need I say those would make my little girl so very happy!

  6. I love the bright pink color!

  7. Pink – for my 3-year-old daughter who would love to be dressed entirely in pink, every day.

  8. Bobbi-Anne Lombardo says:

    I like the black or dusty brown

  9. These are adorable! My little lady would probably choose the pink ones!

  10. My little one would like the black or dusty brown for sure! Although she might also like the pink too!

  11. Pink of course!!

  12. I love the dusty brown!! They’d match mine! We could be all matchy matchy!! ::swoon:: Wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the chance!!

  13. Black!! Or maybe pink?!

  14. Carol Buchman says:

    Oh my!! I LOVE these!! I would pick the pink ones. How adorable they would look on our 2 yr old girl! :~)

  15. nichol perez says:

    My daughter has so much pink so I’ll go with the gray. Thank you!

  16. dusty brown suede

  17. Ohh gotta be the pink!

  18. My 7 year old would love them in pink.

  19. probably pink!

  20. Carrie Phelps says:

    I really love the Dusty Brown.

  21. My Daughter would love the pink

  22. 2652 – BROWN or 2658 – DUSTY BROWN

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  23. amy pugmire says:

    I would get the pink

  24. Audra Weathers says:

    I like the dusty brown color.

  25. Ellen Casper says:


  26. Adrianne B says:

    I’d choose the Dusty Brown pair for my daughter!

  27. Awesome giveaway! I would love the dark brown fringe boots!

  28. I like the Dusty Brown Suede!

  29. nechama levin says:

    dusty brown suede

  30. OMG – my DIL would LOVE the Pinks for my sweet Grandaughter!!!(HollyC) Thanks for the chance, Happy Holidays!!!

  31. Carmen Van Deursen says:

    My niece would love the black ones.

  32. the dusty brown is so pretty thanks

  33. Love the pink ones!

  34. dusty brown suede

  35. Brown, because its very versatile! Good luck everyone :)

  36. Either the brown or pink. I’d let my 3 year old choose!

  37. courtney b says:

    pink please!

  38. My girls love the pink ones!

  39. Pink please!

  40. Jessica Bracho says:

    The pink ones of course

  41. Emily Acker says:

    I like Dusty Brown.

  42. pink

  43. Black, she’d love these!

  44. Sarah Austin says:

    I’m going with black or gray, but the pink are sooooo cute!

  45. bright pink :)

  46. Pink

  47. Sarah Hayes says:

    gray or pink! all of them are so cute

  48. Becky VanGinkel says:

    I would let my daughter choose, but I’m guessing she would choose pink! lol


  49. The pink ones are so adorable. I would pick them to go with all of the pink clothes.

  50. Christina anne says:

    I like the dusty brown

  51. The pink would look so cute on Moxie! But would take any color- love this brand!

  52. What girl doesn’t love shoes? My love them!!!

  53. tracey johnson says:

    the black because it goes with more outfits. ty

  54. Jennifer Clay says:

    I would pick the black pair.

  55. Miranda Welle says:

    I’d love either the Dusty Brown or Black….. I THINK I’d go with the Dusty Brown though!

  56. our mikayla would think she’d died and gone to glory if she had a pair of the pink boots! lol

  57. the dusty brown suede

  58. I’d have to say pink for my grandaughter!

  59. randy saunders says:


  60. Brown or black!!!

  61. I like the brown!

  62. Kristi Alford says:

    I think my daughter would look so cute in the pink or gray! i love them all though!!!

  63. I love the dusty brown color!

  64. I would choose the pink ones!

  65. Black

  66. I would choose the black since they would match anything. Don’t let any of my daughters know because they would say I should choose the Dusty Brown or the Pink.

  67. Melissa Catherinne says:

    My daughter loves the pink ones! Has been wearing Minnetonka’s since she was born! Love them!

  68. The pink ones

  69. april yedinak says:

    I would like the boots in Bright Pink

  70. Diana Hatch says:


  71. Pink would be fun but I would probably pick the black so they went with everything.

  72. I would choose the pink. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  73. would love to win the pink ones for my little girl!! thanks!

  74. I love these boots! I would choose black.

  75. definitely pink!

  76. We like the black thank u

  77. she says pink and i said black SHE WINs

  78. pink!

  79. Natasha Rodriguez says:

    I’d pick the dusty brown suede ones for my daughter

  80. jennifer lane says:

    The orange ones!

  81. Pink

  82. My daughter would LOVE the dusty brown or grey! Thanks!!!

  83. I like the dusty brown but my daughter loves the pink ones, so I would have to say pink!

  84. yellow boots

  85. Nikki Lynn Hanna says:

    I think my daughter would love the black ones


  86. Pink for sure

  87. Darlene Webb says:

    I would choose Bright Pink.

  88. Heather Galbraith says:

    I love the black or dusty brown.

  89. I like the dusty brown suede!