Infinity X Infinity Jewelry Giveaway

This post is for the guys out there.  Or for the ladies to accidentally leave open their laptop for their partner to see.  We won’t tell.

Raise your hand if you are obsessed with Revenge!

infinity x infinity jewelry

I know, me, too.  Watching Emily/Amanda get justice for the horrible people who murdered her father and ruined her life has completely sucked me in.  The fashion and accessories of the elite do not disappoint.  Revenge on Sunday nights makes the conclusion of the weekend a little more exciting.

So if you are a Revenge fan, you obviously know the symbol that is on the infinity box from her father.  INFINITY X INFINITY.  Forever and ever.

The Infinity X Infinity symbol is really trendy right now.  It’s even inspired a line of jewelry from Helzberg Diamonds!

infinity x infinity jewelry

infinity x infinity jewelry

infinity x infinity jewelry

The Little Style File is thrilled to have a FLASH giveaway to win a piece from the Helzberg Diamond INFINITY X INFINITY Jewelry Collection!  The Diamond Pendant in Sterling Silver retails for $99.99 but one lucky reader will win it just in time for Valentine’s Day!

helzberg diamond infinity x infinity

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Disclosure:  We were provided with a Infinity x Infinity necklace to judge quality.


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Kristin the co-founder/editor of The Little Style File. She is mom to Ellie (8),Madeline (5.5) and baby Will (born March 2014). Kristin loves helping families look their best, finding unique gifts and throwing a great party. Connect with Kristin on twitter.


  1. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I’d give to my daughter

  2. Sheri Meyer says:

    I would love to wear that Infinity Necklace! My daughter cheers for a team called “Infinity” so it holds a little different meaning to me.

  3. Nice Collection!

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  4. I would be wearing this pendant!!! This mommy has not got a new piece of jewelry in years. This would be a nice Valentine’s gift for myself for once! :-)

  5. Well, I would be wearing it of course! At least until my daughters are old enough to steal my jewelry.

  6. I really love “Revenge” and very much xfinity x xfinity collection! This really beautiful!!!! would be the happiest woman in the universe and lucky for valentines day if the little style file (and kristen)give to me the opportunity to earn it… (: thanks in advance for the chance “Chica” 😉 xoxo!

  7. Me and my daughter!

  8. i would share this with my mom!

  9. I would gift this to my daughter..

  10. Um, me. I wear the bling. :)

  11. wendy wallach says:

    i would be the one who would be wearing it

  12. Saundra McKenzie says:

    I would be wearing it. When my hubby says I love you and I say it back, one of us always says “infinity x infinity”. This necklace represents that to me. Love it!

  13. Emily Kephart says:

    I would be the one wearing this. I love it

  14. Pretty sure I’d be keeping it for myself! That show is my guilty pleasure :)

  15. sheila ressel says:

    I would love to be the one wearing this!

  16. Ha…me. But my mom would definitely be borrowing it from me. 😉

  17. Audrey Griffis says:

    i would love to be wearing this how pretty

  18. Natasha Rodriguez says:

    Myself since the birth of my first three and a half years ago I have kinds stopped wearing jewelry it would be nice to get back to some of the style and time I put into myself before children. I am sure my hubby wouldn’t mind either :)

  19. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh my daughter in law! We love Revenge!

  20. ummm, me?!

  21. Suzie Williams says:

    I would. I think it’s beautiful!

  22. Maegan Morin says:

    Oh thats easy! I would definately be wearing this necklace 😀

  23. Theresa T says:

    I would give it to my beautiful mother – I know she would love it and wear it everyday

  24. Lilith Katz says:


  25. Natalie Finch says:

    I would give it to my daughter.

  26. I’d give this to my daughter. It’s really a beautiful piece of jewelry. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Carol L

  27. It would be for me…selfish???

  28. I would love to wear this. Thanks!

  29. Me, gotta treat myself, right?

  30. Nicole Balogh says:

    I think I would have to treat myself with this one!

  31. This would be wonderful and I’d give it to my sister. She’s the jewelry girl and she LOVES the show Revenge, so it makes it even better.

  32. I would give it to my mom!! She is the most amazing woman I know <3

  33. I’d give it to my sister

  34. This would be for my wife

  35. I would be the one wearing this beautiful necklace.

  36. I would give it to my mom!

  37. Desiree Dunbar says:

    I would, it’s beautiful!

  38. Christine Sutor says:

    I would be wearing this with everything!

  39. I’d keep it for ME !

  40. I would either give this to my wife or my daughter.

  41. Amanda Rauch says:

    Hopefully I will be wearing it :)

  42. I would be wearing them!

  43. I’ d give it to my sister

  44. Cheryl Abdelnour says:

    i would be wearing it.

  45. karisa palmer says:

    i would be wearing it, this is gorgeous (:

  46. I would love to wear it that would be great@

  47. I would wear it!

  48. Sherri Lewis says:

    I would love to win this to give to my daughter

  49. My niece who is going through some really bad things right now would be wearing this. She could use a little happiness right now

  50. kathy whitney says:

    I would wear it myself on special occasions!

  51. Sylvia Ortiz says:

    I would treat myself to this beautiful Infinity Necklace – Thank you!! :)

  52. amy williams says:

    I would give it to my niece.

  53. I would be wearing it :)

  54. Grace Inman says:


  55. I would wear it! Love infinity symbols, and Revenge!

  56. I’d give this to my sister, thanks

  57. Nohemi Luna says:

    Just became a new Mom, the meaning of love has a new meaning now. There is no better way to wear a symbolic piece of jewlery that expresses the meaning of inifinty. Worth passing down!

  58. !WHO WON????! 😉