Baby Talk: Fun Gender Reveal Ideas

As you saw yesterday, we are revealing the gender of Baby #3 in our holiday card this year!  We are so excited for our friends and family to receive their cards in the mail.

We did a photo shoot with Gina Cristine Photography for our holiday card but it could easily have made it’s own fun pregnancy/gender reveal/maternity photo shoot even without going in to the holiday card.  Here are some of our favorite gender reveal photos from the shoot.

gender reveal ideas

gender reveal ideas

gender reveal ideas

The girls are beyond excited for a new sibling and have wanted to be involved in everything baby related.  I had grand ideas of surprising them with the news of a new brother or sister in the form of a fabulous dessert but they wanted to know as soon as possible.  Ellie even asked if I could call the school so they could send a note to her classroom the second we found out!  Due to our time constraint, custom cupcakes from our local specialty bakery were not an option.

Because of the time of the appointment and preschool pickup, I had Madeline with me at the grocery store when I went for the cupcakes.  She was in one of those race cars up front and I nonchalantly slid blue iced cupcakes into the cart.  Here is the video from when we surprised the girls.  Not exactly how I envisioned things going!

Madeline has never once said she thought this baby would be a boy, that is why you can hear the shock in Ellie’s “WHAT?!?” in the background.  She must have gotten a really good look at those cupcakes because she keeps asking about the plastic rings that were on top.  And nice of Ellie to throw in that brothers are dramatic!  Oh well, best laid plans and all of that.  Here are some of our other favorite gender reveal ideas in photos.

Image via Pinterest.

gender reveal ideas

Image from 

gender reveal ideas

Image via Pinterest

gender reveal ideas

Are you expecting?  How do you or did you plan to tell friends and family?  Share your ideas in the comments below!

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  1. Yay on the little man! The video of your girls is precious.

  2. Kristin- I am SO EXCITED for your little boy!! How precious is this?!