To the girl doing her first barre class from the girl who just did her 100th

I see you with your uneasy smile wearing a concert tee and stretched out sweatpants. I look your way and give you a reassuring nod while looking silly in my yellow tutu. It's your first class and my 100th and while I am NOT an expert, I've got a few things to say to you. 


First, you've got this. Don't be discouraged by the fancy socks and trendy leggings. You're here and that's huge. Maybe you just got engaged or you have 6 month old twins. Whatever the reason, you're here and about to work muscles you didn't even know existed. I started coming to barre classes after getting tipsy at a fundraiser and winning a 10 class package in the silent auction.  Never did I think I would end up a "Barre Junkie!"

When the music starts and we get moving it gets intense fast. And when the instructor says "now we're done with the warm up!" You are going to want to run out the door. But don't. It gets better. It doesn't ever get easy, but it gets easier.  


Unless you've come straight from Cross Fit, leave that band on the ground anytime you hear the word optional. You'll get there. And if you need to take a break or shake out your legs it's okay. Everyone here has taken their first class and felt the exact same way. 

When things get really tough pick a focal point and breath. Basically it's like labor. I'm kinda kidding. Also, the "snack" in the middle isn't a handful of almonds. It's cardio. Don't get really excited and then super disappointed like I did. 

When your first class is over and you're half in shock of what you just did and how sore you imagine you'll be tomorrow, sign up for a class package. Because while there are tons of other things you could be doing for an hour, you deserve an hour for yourself. 

There will be days when you are the biggest girl in the class and they'll be days when you're the smallest. Some days you might be the strongest, some days you'll be the weakest. Some days you'll feel like you can do two classes back to back, other times you'll want to quit. But just keep going. It's worth it. 


To the girl doing her first barre class, congratulations. You did it. When you hit your 100th class and wear your tutu, I'll be cheering the loudest for you.


Spring in Bloom Baby Shower with Freshly Picked


Spring in Bloom Baby Shower with Freshly Picked


My sister is expecting her first baby and we could not be more excited!  Over the weekend we hosted a spring in bloom baby shower for her and it was a gorgeous day filled with love for her baby girl!

spring in bloom baby shower

Workshop Chicago was the perfect space to hold the event.  The space is open and light which made the table centerpieces look magical.

spring in bloom baby shower
spring baby shower

Little Mary Janes were tucked in the decor.  These shoes were Ellie's when she was a toddler flower girl and they were covered in flowers and transformed into something whimsical.

spring baby shower

Also tucked in as decoration were the new Freshly Picked Mary Janes!  


baby shower dessert table

The rose gold color is just stunning and perfect for my soon to be born baby niece!  The quality is nothing less than you would expect from Freshly Picked.

We can't wait to meet you in May, sweet baby girl!  We love you already!

freshly picked mary janes

Thanks to Freshly Picked for providing a pair of adorable shoes for this post.


Radio Flyer Adventure Travel #RadioFlyer100


Radio Flyer Adventure Travel #RadioFlyer100

The Little Style File is thrilled to partner with Radio Flyer on this post.

Are you ready for adventure?  Then this Saturday (March 18th), Adventure Travel is the place to be!

adventure travel by radio flyer

In the only travel agency powered by imagination, the agents at Radio Flyer Adventure Travel can help your family voyage to places like Cotton Candy Swamp or Mount Puppy in a flash.

radio flyer chicago

Maybe you've always wanted to visit a fire breathing dragon?  Or an island made entirely of pancakes?  Radio Flyer Adventure Travel can get you there!

For one day only, Radio Flyer is celebration 100 years of providing vehicles that run on imagination and you're invited to join in the fun.  Meet with "travel agents" that will pair your ideal imaginary adventure with the perfect Radio Flyer vehicle.  As with all travel agents, passport, itineraries and travel essentials will be provided.

radio flyer 100th celebration

Will and I are going on Saturday and I just can't wait to see where his imagination takes us!  We hope to see you there!

radio flyer

Event Information

Saturday, March 18th

11am - 5pm

Radio Flyer Adventure Travel

4755 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625


For more information, visit the Adventure Travel website.

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are honest and my own.



Birthday at the Museum

Happy Birthday to our last baby who has somehow mangaged to turn into a big boy in the blink of an eye.  



I have mentioned that unlike his big sisters, Will did not want a party for his birthday. His one request was to go see the dinosaur bones at the museum. Done! 

Will wore the best dinosaur birthday shirt ever, and we headed out for our day in the city.  



When you walk in the Field Museum, Sue is the first thing you see. We went over to say hi right away.  



After greeting Sue we went back in time billions of years and traveled through all of the mass extinctions on earth. It was exhausting but we saw lots of dinosaur bones along the way.  



The Field Museum is Will's favorite place so he led us to Ancient Egypt, on an Underground Adventure and through the Pacific.  


Will had the best time. He was so worried when we left that Sue would be so lonely without him. We promised the elephants across the hall would keep Sue company.  


After our museum fun, we went to Auntie's for presents, pizza and cake. The Sue grabber from the gift shop made opening gifts even more fun!


This is the first time Will has loved the whole singing and cake thing. He just had the biggest smile, it was so cute!  


I shared the video on Instagram, but he loved it all so much we sang twice!


 Three is running fast, jumping high and going nonstop. It's soaking in everything around you and questioning everything. It's wanting to be independent but turning back to make sure your mom is watching. Three is exciting and amazing. And the reason most of these photos are just a little blurry.  


Happy Birthday to our Dino loving sweet baby boy!  We know #3 will be your best year yet!


Party Style | Nail Salon 10th Birthday Party


Party Style | Nail Salon 10th Birthday Party

Somehow I blinked and my baby turned 10.  Ten is big.  It's double digits.  It's middle school next year.  It's the age I promised her she could get a phone way back when she was in kindergarten and I thought she would forget.  More about that later.  For 10 you need to celebrate big.  For 10 you need a spa day!

10th birthday party ideas

There is a great local salon by us that loves to host parties.  It's a grown up salon, but they will turn the bluetooth code over so you can play your tween's favorite music and they let you do pretty much whatever to give the kids a great time.

For decorations we went pretty minimal.  We hung a birthday banner that matched her invitations and cupcake toppers, added some decorative fans and had a big 1-0 balloon arrangement.

Ellie and 15 of her very best friends took over the salon, picking their colors and discussing patterns and design options.

spa birthday party

Ellie was going for a look that matched her birthday outfit while her little sis picked out her two very favorite colors - pink and purple.

spa birthday party

The most entertaining part of the party for the adults was watching the girls in the massage chairs.  They thought they were heavenly and could not get enough!

nail salon birthday party

The girls had the option to get a kids manicure, pedicure or both.  We didn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable and at 9 and 10, feet are still sometimes super ticklish.  

spa birthday birthday
spa party
10th spa birthday party

The great salon that we used let us have pizza delivered and we brought in a party tub of drinks and a fruit tray.  While the girls were waiting for their turns, they ate or took turns in the selfie station.  The props were perfect for a tween birthday party.  I just was sure to take out the martini from the Spritz set before we left.

After all of the services were complete, we did cupcakes and presents.  Here's a little tip, nail techs are FAST!  They had all of the girls done within an hour.  We were expecting to do gifts at home but since we had about 20 minutes left before the parents were picking up, we had plenty of time.

spa party cupcakes
10th birthday party

For favors, we attached a little tag that said "mani thanks" to a little bag with nail polish and a nail file.  The party guests loved them and were happy to bring a little bit of their salon pampering home.

spa party favors

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with Ellie to make her birthday the best day ever!  If you see me looking at baby pictures holding a kleenex, don't worry about me.  I'll be okay.  While it is a little bittersweet to say goodbye to our little girl, we could not be more proud of the young lady growing up before us.  We love you, Elizabeth Grace!  Happy 10!