8 Must Haves to Make It Through The Newborn Days


8 Must Haves to Make It Through The Newborn Days


There are so many products available to help parents in the newborn haze once they bring their baby home from the hospital.  Here are our must haves to make it through the newborn days.  Coffee is a given, so we didn't include Starbucks in this round up.

1. A Great Car Seat


Babies love the car or hate the car but they're going to be spending time in an infant car seat. We love the Maxi Cosi car seats because they are soft and cozy keeping newborns comfortable and secure. The limited edition Nomad Collection has great colors to chose from!


2. Safe Place to Put Baby

Legend has it that babies can sleep 8-9 hours in the Dock A Tot.  It is literally a safe space to dock your tot.  While playing, resting, during tummy time or cuddling, the Dock A Tot can be put pretty much anywhere on any surface and is easy to travel with. 


3. Happiest Baby on the Block


This book is a literal life saver. The 5 S's that you learn about mimic life in the womb for the 4th trimester and keep the baby from non stop crying. 


4. A Great Swaddle


As you learn in Happiest Baby on the Block, swaddling is key to a content Baby. The Ollie World swaddles are one of a kind and make sure to get the perfect swaddle every time. 


5.  Sound Machine


Unless you are a fan of tiptoeing around the house, you're going to want a great sound machine. It makes newborns feel like they are still on the inside and it lets you have a cup of coffee wth a friend during a nap an not wake the baby. The Dohm sound machine is so good, parents have been known to swipe it for themselves if purchased too far ahead of the baby's arrival. 


6. Play Gym


For newborns you don't need tons of toys, but a play gym is great for hand - eye coordination and development. Finn + Emma makes great nontoxic, organic play gym with an adjustable bar that is also absolutely adorable. 


 7. Skincare


Dry skin and cradle cap are two things you don't want to have to worry about with your new baby at home. SoCozy's new line of HUSH products are perfect for baby's gentle skin. The Soothing Shampoo + Conditioner even has a soft brush on the top to scrub the scalp! The best part is that there are never any nasty chemicals in any of the SoCozy products.


 8. Books


It's never too early to start reading to your child. For newborns we like books that are fun for the parents to read as well. Feminist Baby asserts her independence in all situations and is fun for the parents and the child. It's always nice when a book makes you smile when you are hours short of sleep and don't know the last time you've had a shower! 


What are your must haves for newborns? Leave them in the comments below and we'll share them on our social channels! 


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Easy Spring Craft for Toddlers

This spring inspired craft could not be easier and is perfect for kids ages 3 and up. Or a really well behaved 2 year old could probably make it work.


For supplies you need a canvas, acrylic paint, foam brushes, a piece of cardstock and the bunny template below. 


Grown ups cut out the bunny and use the cardstock as a template. 


Tape the template to the canvas and then get your little one ready to have fun.  


Pour a little paint into a cup and dab on the foam brush. Let the kids go up and down with the brush almost like a stamping motion so they do not get paint under the template. 


They can go pretty wild and just let them have fun until the bunny is completely filled in.  


An extra step would be to add polka dots with your circle brush around the canvas. Try to keep the overall design simple so the finished canvas will have a big impact. 

Here are Will's finished bunnies!  You would never believe a 3 year old did these all by himself!  


You could always do a series with each child in the family as a different color. There are lots of ways to be creative and make this fun project your own. It can be as fast as you need it to be and clean up is simple. Happy painting!



Sweet Spring Break

This year for Spring Break we stayed home and planned fun things to do in Chicago and with friends. Our favorite day was getting all of The Little Style File kids together at Dylan's Candy Bar for some super sweet fun! 

dylans candy bar chicago

The girls had a lot to catch up on, it's been a while since they have all been together.  

The Dylan's Cafe To Go counter is filled goodies from ice cream to lollipops!

Dylan's Candy Bar Cafe

If you're having a hard time making a candy selection, ask for Sherry. Sherry is the best and will tell you all of her favorites!

chicago candy store

The drink menu in the Cafe is about the most wonderful thing you've ever seen. Gummy Bears, Cotton Candy and other amazing things are incorporated into the beverages for kids and adults. 


Cheers to Spring Break!  Only six weeks until the kids are out for summer vacation!


Dylan's Candy Bar 

445 N Michigan Ave

Chicago, IL  60611


All outfits from Cat + Jack available at Target. 



Return of the Mac


Return of the Mac

When I was about young (like 10)  my dream of the perfect boy was a guy who would toss pebbles at my window and after I opened it, would serenade me with a New Kids on the Block song. That was only if all of the J's from NKOTB were already taken. Joey, Jordan or Jon would of course come first. But since I was still in elementary school and they were on world tour, I had to be realistic about things.

Fast forward about 25 years and I get a message from a friend saying they are having Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block on their show and would I like to be in the audience AND MEET HIM?  Um, YES!!!!! 


Unfortunately my concert tee from 5th grade is no longer a viable outfit option but I did find a bunch of my NKOTB pins and decorated my bag. Along with my pins, I brought my friend's Joey doll (she was on Spring Break and devastated she couldn't go) and was hoping to be the coolest friend ever and get him signed for her. 


The Joey doll was the hit of the day. He even made it on set and sat in (real) Joey's chair before the show started.  


But then real live Joey came out and everyone collectively lost their minds. This is how close we were to each other throughout the show. He is so funny and down to earth, the real life Joey McIntyre did not disappoint.  


Joey has a fun new show called Return of the Mac, debuting on Pop Wednesday, April 12th, that's a scripted comedy starring his real life family.


 Donnie Walberg and Jenny McCarthy make cameos in each episode, too, and it is funny!

After watching Chicagonista Live, I actually got to meet Joey. Ten year old me is dead right here. He is just so cute! 


And he even signed the Joey doll. What a guy! 


You can watch the whole Chicagonista Live episode and see more from the day on  ChicagonistaLive.com.  A huge thanks to Chicagonista Live for making my childhood dreams come true!  Don't forget to set your DVRs for Return of the Mac on Pop next Wednesday!



Girls quick and easy hair style! #SoCozyHair

This post is sponsored by SoCozy.


For the last few years my daughter Mia has enjoyed watching hair tutorials on YouTube. She is awesome at braiding hair, thanks to her American Girl dolls, YouTube hair tutorials and Cozy's Complete Guide to Girl's Hair. She is better at braiding then I am! Its fun to watch her create new styles on herself, her friends and her dolls.

SoCozy Hush Products

We have been using SoCozy hair products in our house for the past 2 years. If you aren't familiar with SoCozy  they create clean hair products for kids that help maintain their hair with no nasties and non toxic. They have just launched their new collection HUSH at Target! It is dermatology and allergy tested to treat sensitive scalp. The products can be found at Target in the baby aisle.

SoCozy Hush Products

Mia was very excited to test out the new Hush products! The Hush products are perfect for kids under age 14. The styling products are Mia's favorites, to tackle frizzies and crazy bedhead. Mia was excited to demonstrate a quick and easy hair style that is perfect for a school day!

You can find SoCozy Hush products at Target and Target.com

We were paid for this post. Our opinions are honest and our own.