I see you with your uneasy smile wearing a concert tee and stretched out sweatpants. I look your way and give you a reassuring nod while looking silly in my yellow tutu.


It's your first class and my 100th and while I am NOT an expert, I've got a few things to say to you. 


First, you've got this. Don't be discouraged by the fancy socks and trendy leggings. You're here and that's huge. Maybe you just got engaged or you have 6 month old twins. Whatever the reason, you're here and about to work muscles you didn't even know existed. I started coming to barre classes after getting tipsy at a fundraiser and winning a 10 class package in the silent auction.  Never did I think I would end up a "Barre Junkie!"

When the music starts and we get moving it gets intense fast. And when the instructor says "now we're done with the warm up!" You are going to want to run out the door. But don't. It gets better. It doesn't ever get easy, but it gets easier.  


Unless you've come straight from Cross Fit, leave that band on the ground anytime you hear the word optional. You'll get there. And if you need to take a break or shake out your legs it's okay. Everyone here has taken their first class and felt the exact same way. 

When things get really tough pick a focal point and breath. Basically it's like labor. I'm kinda kidding. Also, the "snack" in the middle isn't a handful of almonds. It's cardio. Don't get really excited and then super disappointed like I did. 

When your first class is over and you're half in shock of what you just did and how sore you imagine you'll be tomorrow, sign up for a class package. Because while there are tons of other things you could be doing for an hour, you deserve an hour for yourself. 

There will be days when you are the biggest girl in the class and they'll be days when you're the smallest. Some days you might be the strongest, some days you'll be the weakest. Some days you'll feel like you can do two classes back to back, other times you'll want to quit. But just keep going. It's worth it. 


To the girl doing her first barre class, congratulations. You did it. When you hit your 100th class and wear your tutu, I'll be cheering the loudest for you.