When you first see Sophie the Giraffe, you might think 'why the heck did I spend $20 on a dog toy?!' but don't be discouraged. If your teething tot is anything like ours, it will be love at first sight with many make-out sessions in their future. According to the Vulli pamphlet included in the packaging, Sophie the Giraffe was born on May 25, 1961 - Saint Sophie's day - and hasn't changed since. She is made of 100% natural rubber during a process which involves more than 14 manual operations.

Sophie the Giraffe is ideal for baby's small hands and large eyes, geometric pattern and squeak make her super appealing to your little one. Just keep your doggie away, he might get a little confused.

The best price I've found on Sophie the Giraffe is on Amazon but she is also available at Land of Nod, Right Start and many other shops. Sophie the Giraffe now also even has an alien looking cousin that comes in various colors but we haven't tried them yet at our house.

M loving on Sophie the Giraffe during our trip to AZ in January.

Sophie the Giraffe is now my go-to gift for new babies. And while I'm sure not every baby loves Sophie as much as mine does, even the big sister wishes she had "her very own Sophie the Giraffe" so Sophie must be doing something right!