I hate pumping - really, does anyone not? - and I was faced with my first Saturday of having to be away from Madeline all day. I was about to break down and buy formula when I received my Milksaver in the mail. I used it everyday for a week and had more than enough milk for the entire day I was away. Never even had to take out the pump!
I first heard about the Milksaver on a moms' message board.  My first thought was this is genius.  My next thought was I wish I would have learned about it 7 months ago!
The concept is so simple.  When nursing, you have letdown on both sides at the same time.  Collect the milk on the other side and save it for later.  But, the Milksaver goes beyond that.  It can be worn out in public (though I have to say you might need to be a little more, um, blessed than I was in that department for it to really be unnoticeable), goes in the dishwasher, and is BPA free.  The Milksaver helps the environment because it saves on the use of reusable breast pads.

Another thing I have to add is that this is really comfortable.  So comfortable, in fact, that I was nursing Madeline to sleep for the night and I bent over to put her in her crib and when I walked out of the room my shirt was all wet.  Oops!  I was still wearing the Milksaver and totally forgot!

The Milksaver really is a must have for nursing mothers.  If you are not a nursing mother yourself, it would make a perfect shower or new baby gift.