We are so excited, our first nephew is coming in June! Ryan has also informed me that now the pressure is off of us for a boy - was there pressure?! - and he can experience having a boy vicariously through his twin brother.

As soon as I found out we would have a nephew, I went online and ordered the most precious (yet baby masculine!) blue outfit. The kind of baby boy outfit I would want to receive. Nothing with a football or baseball, or that says "#1" anything. Just adorable.
Ryan had mentioned that he wanted to get Baby Boy C a gift, too, and today I found him online looking at the most hideous sports team romper ever made. Don't worry, A! I talked him out of that one!
But Ryan cannot be deterred. He is on a quest to plaster his and his brother's favorite sports teams all of this poor unborn child. And I am trying to guide him away from the obnoxious and more towards the subtle.  It is an uphill battle that, unfortunately for my sister-in-law and nephew-still-cooking, looks like I'm going to lose.
Do not-awful-sports-logo baby clothes actually exist? I'm thinking the answer is no. But maybe I shouldn't be so clothes minded (ha!). While they are completely unattractive to me, they may actually be appealing to boys and men in the world. There's something to ponder on a Sunday afternoon...
Ironically, when I did a google search for "Cleveland Indian Infant Onesie" most of the search results were ebay listings, which is where I have a feeling this gift could end up as well if my sister-in-law could have her way.
Here are a few of my husband's contenders:

And now Ryan just informed me that he might not be able to get the sizing right for baseball season. He might need to start looking into Browns sportswear instead. Fan-tastic!