*A huge thanks to GoGo Babyz for providing me with a recycled Travelmate! I remember the first time I saw a parent using a GoGo Kidz Travelmate. Ellie was 18 months old and we were on our way to Hilton Head for Labor Day weekend. It was that awkward stage where Ellie was too big to really sit on our laps but the thought of lugging a car seat through the entire airport on a holiday weekend was too much for me to process.

So we were at the airport when I look over and see a family that has it together. You know the kind. When your diaper bag is falling off your shoulder, you glance to the left and see a mom with perfect highlights wearing heels whose daughter doesn't rip out her bow and throw it back at you. ;)

It's at that point I realized what was making their life easy - the Travelmate. While we were dragging our car seat in its travel bag through the line while pushing a stroller and managing our lugging they have half of the stuff.

Well guess what? On this trip I was the mom that had it together. Well, at least to some I appeared to be the mom who had it together because I was asked three times while cruising through the airport what product I was using to turn our Britax Boulevard into a stroller.

Our Travelmate is the recycled version that is now available. It retails for $20.00 less so it is a better bargain for the occassional traveling family. It came in the original packaging with full instructions and I never would have known it wasn't brand new.

From http://www.gogobabyz.com/:

In an effort to reduce waste & preserve nature’s resources, we are implementing a product recycling program. Instead of discarding demos & returns, we are rebuilding “like-new” units for sale at a discount. Each unit we recycle has been thoroughly inspected and personally tested to meet the safety standards of our new products, so you can feel safe and secure. In addition, a six month limited warranty is also included with each recycled gogo Kidz Travelmate. Help us reduce waste and travel easier with your children at the same time!

I will suggest practicing attacing and detaching the Travelmate before going to the airport because it is such a high pressure situation. I was a little clumsy getting it on fast at the curbside check in. Our departing airport made me take off the Travelmate through security but on the return trip it wasn't neccesary which made our trip through the Family security line even more of a breeze.

My only Travelmate regret is that we didn't have it for our first born!

When I posted a little while back about this upcoming review, one comment said "This will change your life!" and I couldn't agree more. It was easy. Traveling with two adults and two children was easy. I never thought I would see the day!

Thanks again, GoGo Kidz Travelmate!