We all need to escape every now and then. This last trip to Arizona was E's 9th round trip flight in a little over 3 years, M's 2nd in her 9 months.
In case you are taking a vacation of your own this summer, here are a few of our do's and don'ts for airline travel...
Do Keep Your Cool. You've been on the airplane for 3 hours and the pilot says there's bad weather ahead so you'll be circling indefinitely and he *thinks* you'll have enough fuel and the holding pattern you're in is full of turbulence and you think you might use the barf bag for the first time in your life? Take a deep breath. Oommmmmmm. It will be ok. You will land....eventually. Smile at the kids and say, "Wow! This is just like being on a roller coaster, isn't it?!"
As a sub header of this, expect the unexpected in the security lines. Nothing is consistent. The airport you leave from might be fine with the factory wrapped bottle of children's allergy medication and then on the way home they will have you unwrap it so it can be tested. Or you can fly there with juice boxes but must open each one {which defeats the entire purpose I might add!} on the way home. As crazy and annoying as it is at the time, they are just trying to keep us safe. At least that's what I tell myself so I don't get carted to off to prison before I even get to board the plane. 
Don't Take the 6 am Flight. Even if it's cheaper. Nothing is worth getting up at 3:45 am and dragging the kids out of bed. Because if they are like my kids, they will be awake the entire flight and not fall asleep until they are in the car 6-8 hours later. Then they'll sleep the car ride home from the airport and be awake the rest of the day. I'm telling you, not worth it!
Do Bring a Change of Clothes. For everyone and then hopefully you won't need them. If you don't bring a change of clothes I can almost guarantee you there will be pee/poop/puke/food all over the traveling parties and you'll curse the moment you decided not to pack the back up outfits.
Don't Over Pack. My dad's traveling philosophy has always been "Buy it when you get there." Now that I'm a parent myself I couldn't agree more. Airlines are charging for checked bags and you pay a premium if your suitcase is over 50 pounds. Pack you clothes and what you need for the day of traveling {and a little extra - with flight delays, etc. you never know when your travel day could be extended} and pick up the rest when you land. Unless you are going on safari or to a deserted island, there's bound to be a Target at your destination where you can pick up diapers, wipes, snacks, and the other necessities.
This goes for carry-ons, too. On our last trip to Arizona we carried on the diaper bag and Ellie's Pottery Barn Kids preschool size backpack. I hit up the Dollar Spot at Target and bought every Hello Kitty thing they had and hid it in the closet until we boarded the plane. Between her new stickers, stamps, pens and looking out the window, she was entertained the entire flight. For Madeline I brought her lovie, favorite teethers and lots of back up pacifiers and we were good to go.
Do invest in a few travel gadgets to make life easier. Like the GoGo Kidz Travelmate. If you are not a frequent traveler see if you can go in on the purchase together with a few families in your neighborhood and share it. Anything that can free up a hand while traveling is well worth it!
Don't Turn Down Help.  Let's get serious - traveling with kids can be a nightmare.  Nightmare!  So when someone offers help whether it's an offer from a stranger to put your luggage in the overhead bin or an offer for a ride to/from the airport from your 90 year old grandparents, resist the urge to say "oh that's ok, we're fine" and instead smile and say "that would be great, thank you!" 
Do take advantage of having a child under two. Maybe if we were flying to China I would buy a baby a seat. But that's about the only time. Other than that it's lap child only for us. Also remember to bring the birth certificate with you. We've had to show it about half the time we fly.
Do you have any do's or don'ts to add to the list?