January 2007 was the last time I exchanged business cards with anyone.  The thought hadn't crossed my mind since I "retired" {ha ha!} until today.
A girlfriend and I met at the park so our girls could play.  While we were there we started chatting with a mom who was pushing her one year old son in the swing next to Madeline.  It turns out we both have 3 year olds and right around one year olds.  In fact she teaches the local Stroller Strides class and I had emailed her in the past.
NewMomFriend had mentioned play dates and Stroller Strides and I nodded agreeing it would be fun to get together sometime but not really thinking much of it.  Until as we were walking to the car she handed me her card.  Her mommy calling card with her name, her kids' names along with her contact info.  She even has a title:  Household Manager.
Now we really could get together.
So many times I meet another mom out and about that I click with but there is no real way to try to keep in touch without looking a tad stalker-ish.  Enter the Mom Calling Card.
Intrigued, I came home and went to check them out Etsy.  I found dozens of listings from different sellers.
Sarah + Abraham {who I love and used for Ellie's 2nd birthday Pink Poodle invitation, labels and thank you's} has several lines of Calling Cards from their classic silhouette {pictured below} to vintage prints and olliegraphic cards.
The Inkspot Workshop has fun, colorful circle designs.
But my absolute favorites might be the ones from Social Circle Cards.  For $14.95 you get a set of 24 custom cards that come in an adorable case that is easily clipped on your diaper bag, purse or stroller.
There is also a special running right now where if you add Social Circle Cards on Facebook you get an additional 12 FREE cards with your first purchase.

So I think I might want my own cards.  Now I just have to decide what my title would be.  I don't think there is enough room on the line for chef of purees/chauffeur/{not so tidy} cleaning lady/butt wiper/dog walker/teacher/dance instructor/artist/social coordinator.
I guess I could just put "Mom."
What do you think about the Mom Calling Cards?  Are they brilliant, lame, useful?  What would you think if a mom gave one to you?  Let's hear it!