Madeline is a daredevil.  The girl puts her face right in the water in the tub and thinks she can swim on her own in the pool.  She also is convinced she can walk {which is exactly how she would say it if she was already making three word sentences}  But she can't.  She is close but she will inevitable fall flat on her face. As much as I would love to be hunched over holding on to two baby hands all day long, it doesn't exactly feel great on my back.  Not to mention that we did that method with Ellie and she didn't walk until 14 months.  When Ellie was cruising all around the coffee table at 10 months we swore she would walk any second.

There are a lot of seconds in four months.

Anyway, so here we are.  Baby who only wants to walk and will not hold on to push her own walker.  Parents who value their backs.  What to do?

The solution:

Walking Wings are a cushy device that goes around the baby's chest and then has two long straps with loops for the adult to hold on to.  You can hold low when the baby is first starting out, or move your hands all the way to the end of the straps for less stability.
Walking Wings allow your baby to find their own balance while you give them a little extra support.  Everything is adjustable with buckles to make it super secure.
It's also comfy for the baby as you can see here when Madeline is catching a quick break.

In the last week or so since the Walking Wings arrived, Madeline's balance has improved and she is more steady when she takes her steps.  We anticipate she'll be walking very soon all on her own.

Disclosure: Upsring Baby sent us our own Walking Wings to do this review and giveaway.  The above is our honest opinion and experience.