Step right up and welcome to the first carnival of the summer.
Nothing like a roller coaster to get warmed up.
Next up were the bikes.  E drove her motorcycle with determination.  Ryan and I couldn't help but think of next summer when that little seat on the back will have a M riding along.
But this summer, the three of us sat back and watched Ellie in her motorcycle glory parked next to this:
playing "New York" by Jay-Z featuring Alicia Keyes.  And M was happy just to bob her head to the beat in her stroller.
Then there were the 'Flying Bananas.'

E was a little disappointed that she didn't meet the height requirements for the 'tea cups'
or the Scrambler.  But if Ellie keeps up her growin' to be a grown up {her main goal in life right now}, I think she'll have no problem hitting the 42" mark for next year.
The Bounce House made up for it.
M was perfectly happy to just be chillin' watching her big sis get stuck in the canyons.
Then it was M's turn to get in on the action.
After all of that fun, it was time to eat.  We were at Greekfest, after all!  So here is the best Gyro I have ever eaten in my entire life.  I seriously mean ever.
It was such a great afternoon.  E compared every ride at Greekfest to Disneyland - in a good way!, we had great food and so much fun.  But to E's dismay, we didn't win any games.  But that's okay, we don't really have room for bunnies in our backyard.

So much summer fun.