I will begin by stating that I purposely spaced my children 2.5 years apart so that I would never have to own a double stroller.
After witnessing parents in the city pushing their kids in these monsters, I mean double strollers, I knew that it wasn't for me.  It's hard enough navigating our super awesome single stroller  along uneven city sidewalks- who would want to push a double wide?
I can now eat my words - but only if they are low in Weight Watcher Points ;)

BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller, Navy

When we were hanging out meeting the new nephew, we put the babies in the BOB Duallie and it was amazing.  Who knew pushing a huge stroller and 35 pounds of baby could be so easy?
Our last night we went out for ice cream and tried to get the babies to sleep while the big girls ate their Maggie Moo.  I was walking the babies around, making every effort to lull them to sleep and it was so easy.  The BOB drove like a dream and I never ever ever thought I would say that about a double stroller.
Baby A riding in his Snugride and Madeline chillin' with some toys.

You can click here to find out which BOB is right for you or visit http://www.bobgear.com/strollers for everything you ever wanted to know about BOBs.For anyone in the market for a double stroller, I highly recommend the BOB Duallie . While a double stroller isn't necessary for our family - Ellie would NEVER sit in a baby stroller! - if our girls were closer in age I wouldn't hesitate at all in making this purchase.

Happy Strolling!