Welcome to Madeline's Island.  The party is around back, please come on through.
Please stop and pick up your Island Bag if you are under five.  Don't worry, there are plenty of accessories for grown ups, too.
We want all of the island guests to look like this:
After you are all hula'd out, take a walk over to the bar and pick up a pop or two.
After a swirl of your hula hoop, maybe you'll be interested in a little limbo.  Or how about trying your luck in the duck pond?

Hula girls patiently wait for their prizes.
Are you hungry?  Have a Cheeseburger in Paradise.  Or maybe a hot dog is more your style?
Make your way out back and find your name on your pineapple cup.
Don't forget to save room for cake!
Madeline did!
After all of that yummy food, a dip in a cool pool may be just what you need.
Madeline knows some generous people.  And it's always more fun when your friends help out with opening the gifts.
A perfect day to celebrate an amazing little person.
The tiki torches are lit and it is time to say goodnight.  We hope you had as much fun on Madeline's Island as we did!