Check out Ellie's new shoes!
Wee Squeak Shoes
Nonna surprised her with them the last time we were over for a visit.
Adorable, right?
So cute.  I saw them and fell in love.
Until I found out they squeak.
Squeaking shoes!  Who in their right mind would come up with such an idea?  Obviously not a parent!  Who the heck wants to listen to their kids' shoes squeaking all over the house?  Squeaking shoes.  That is the-
Oh wait.
The squeak comes out?  OK, so you tempt the poor kid with shoes that squeak and then you take out the squeak.  That's just -
The squeak comes out AND goes back in.  So you can choose whether or not the shoes squeak.  Squeaking shoes!  Brilliant!
Cute, too.

Wee Squeak Shoes make these super cute kicks.  The owner first saw them in China when she was adopting her oldest daughter and brought them over to the U.S.

Ellie is in love.  And at $31.95, I'm in love, too.  That's half the price of Lelli Kelly's you know!

You can visit for more info on these cute, fun shoes.  Happy Shopping!

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