With the Matilda Jane outfits, Gina Cristine Photography and Tiny Prints, you just can't go wrong. Our holiday photo shoot was a few weeks ago and our holiday cards are ordered.  This is the first time EVER that I have ordered my cards before Thanksgiving.  It feels so great.

Gina did our photo shoot and we ordered our cards through Tiny Prints.  So much fun!

Gina worked her magic a few weeks ago and these are the images we decided to work with for our holiday cards this year:

The girls wore Matilda Jane Holiday Sparkle outfits and Ryan and I kept it simple in gap sweaters and jeans.  There were many many many more wonderful images by Gina {as always!} but to keep our holiday card cohesive, these are the ones we selected.

I have used Tiny Prints the last few years for holiday cards and have never been disappointed.  The quality of the card is unmatched, printed on the heaviest card stock I've ever held.

But what truly makes Tiny Prints stand out as my holiday card vendor of choice is the process of creating the card - is so easy and fun!

When you first arrive at the holiday card section of Tiny Prints, you may be overwhelmed.  But then you take a glance around and realize that they are there to help.  From live chat to favorites folder, the process is simplified.  You can also narrow your search down by price point, number of photos, style of card and other selections.

After you select your favorites from the HUNDREDS of choices {and I looked at every one!}, you then personalize your card.  And you can personalize as many as you want, compare them instantly and send them to family/friends to get feedback.  For Ellie's first Christmas I literally had about 20 different cards saved and then sent them to my mom and sister to help make the final decision!

There are so many styles to choose from, here are some of my favorites:

The Circle Card is an ornament and arrives with ribbon to tie.

Studio Basics are more like the classic cards we grew up with and are printed on photo paper.
Pop Ups!
Inside - and a pop up!
Flip {the inside square spins within the card}
Outside, folded in thirds
Inside, folded in thirds
And Flat
If you have a distinct style, you can select from contemporary, classic, vintage, whimsy and more.
How can you choose?
Well, I did.  And my order is placed.  I'm going to wait for my big reveal until after they arrive and give a proper review.
The ones above I just made for fun.  ;)
Are you a lover of creating the perfect holiday card or is it just another thing to check off your to do list?
Full Disclosure:  Tiny Prints provided me with holiday cards to review and are a sponsor of Ellie-Town.  But I would have ordered from them anyway!