In my stay at home mom dream sequence before I was ever a mom, here is what played: My husband and I are invited to a charity benefit.  We live in a vintage brownstone on a fabulous tree lined street.  I am in my large master bedroom while my daughters are sitting on the over sized four post bed, giggling to each other and watching me get ready for the evening.  The girls try on sparkly earrings and chunky necklaces as I put on make up.  The younger one asks for mascara so I take my poofy brush and turn her cheeks pink instead. Together they oohh and aahh over the updo I effortlessly crafted.  The girls move to the vanity where they take delicate perfume bottles and spray lovely scents into the air.  While they are happily spraying away, I emerge from the closet in my gown.  The girls stop what they are doing and run to my side.  I am showered with "oh Mommy you look so beautiful!"s as I notice my husband peeking in from the hallway. Together, my husband and I walk down the hall....

I may or may not have been inspired by a Calvin Klein commercial.  This was years ago so that part is a little foggy.  Now here is reality:

Ryan and I are attending a charity benefit.  It begins at 6:30 pm so the ball gown stays in the closet.  We would love to send the girls to the grandparents' and stay in the city for the night but Madeline could finally be getting in those bottom teeth and has woken up four out of the last five nights.

Since we live in the suburbs, the girls and I will get up e-a-r-l-y to drive Ryan to the train station so we only have to drive one car home from the city.  The jewels will be swarovski crystals not in need of their own private security.

But there will be giggling on the bed, asking to try on make up and wearing of necklaces and earrings.  There will be "Oh Mommy you look so beautiful!"s.

How do I know?

Because it has all already happened.  While my "second day" hair was tied up in a pony tail, bangs pinned back with bobby pins, I tried on dresses one by one and each time I walked into the bedroom I received oohhhs and aaahhhs and clapping from Madeline.

While reality might not be as glamorous as the dream sequence I had pre-kids, it's just as rich.

What was your mom dream sequence?  Is your reality anywhere near what you imagined?