The Pottery Barn Kids Art Jar is filled to the brim with everything from glitter to foam shapes.  Rick rack and letters and googly eyes, feathers, crinkle paper, scissors and glue, this jar has everything a kid needs to let their imagination go wild.

Included in the Pottery Barn Kids Art Jar are directions for simple projects like a flower with buttons and pipe cleaners or a puppet out of a colored paper bag.

While it is a bit of a mess, the Pottery Barn Kids Art Jar kept Ellie busy for over an hour on a cold and snowy day.  She sat at the table making banners, cards, signs...

and these two little Happy Monster friends.  They are her greatest craft ever, by her account.

While you could probably make your own Art Jar for less expensive with things from the dollar store {I overheard another parent mentioning this once, I would never think to make my own Art Jar at the dollar store!}, this one rocks.  Make sure you have extra glue and glitter on hand because it goes fast, but there is plenty packed in for hours and hours of fun.

Happy crafting!