I am excited to introduce you to this week's cool kid  a very cute 18 month old little boy named "B". He is the son of Meredith from yours, mine and ours . Meredith is a queen thrifter and expert Free Piler.  I love her sense of humor, she always makes me smile and I am in awe of what she is able to find in "freepiles" and then actually make it work into something you would want to wear! B lives with his mom and law school student dad. He loves to play with balls, dance, make his parents laugh, play outside and he loves to wear his freepiled duck suit!

    Get To Know This Cool Kid       Name or Nickname: B      Age: 18 months      Favorite Food: Beans      Favorite kind of Ice Cream: Whatever mom or dad is eating; any kind he can get!      Favorite Fruit: bananas, grapes      Favorite Snack: Cheese      Favorite Toy: ANY type of ball      Favorite Book: Gordy and the Pirates      Favorite TV Show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse      Favorite Cartoon Character: Mickey Mouse (AKA: Oh Tootles!      Favorite Animal: Ducks      Favorite Song: That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings      Favorite Christmas gift: mini basketball      Favorite piece of clothing: Puffy 80’s jacket with basketballs all over it ( freepiled )      Favorite Activity: going to the basketball court with dad      Favorite place in your town to visit: basketball court, playground, fountain      Favorite thing to do with his parents: read books, play ball, jump on the bed                                                         My Picks for B!Organic Wood Camera littlesaplingtoys

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Gotta love a kid that can rock out a duck suit and make it look COOL!
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