I have gotten a few inquires of why I haven't featured my own cool kids and honestly I don't know why! Tomorrow is Mia's 5th Birthday. It is a bittersweet Birthday for me, I love seeing her grow into a big girl but also sad that my baby is growing up! The thought of her going to Kindergarten freaks me out. I thought what a better way to celebrate her 5th Birthday than to feature her as a real life cool kid! Mia is the big sister to Dylan and lives with her parents in the suburbs of Chicago. She takes her job as a big sister seriously and loves to help him out when  he needs it, constantly is making him laugh, enjoys teaching him new things and loves to cheer him up when he is sad. Mia has a huge heart, loves meeting new friends, trying new things, dancing, anything barbie, baking especially with her Mimi, is a little fashionista and a huge Justin Bieber fan!

Get To Know This Cool Kid Name : Mia

Age: 5 City: Chicago Burbs Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese Favorite kind of Ice Cream: chocolate chip cookie dough Favorite Fruit: apples Favorite Snack: Pirates Booty Favorite Toy: Her Barbies Favorite Book: I absolutely Must Do Coloring Now (Charlie and Lola) Favorite Color: PINK Favorite TV Show: Charlie & Lola Favorite princess: Ariel Favorite Sesame Street Character: Zoe Favorite Animal: Giraffe Favorite Movie: Rapunzel Favorite Song: Never Say Never by Justin Bieber Favorite piece of clothing: Loves Dresses Favorite Activity:  color and anything to do with art Favorite thing to do on the weekend: Go to the Treehouse Indoor Playground What sports/classes does she take? Hip hop and swimming Favorite Restaurant: Portillos’s

Favorite thing to do with his parents: Hug.:)
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Also known as her birthday presents
Best Friend Shirt
I hope you enjoyed getting to know my sweet girl a little more.
This weekend will be filled with a lot of celebrating for both her and I! She will be having a party with her BFF at her favorite place the Tree House.  My birthday is on Sunday.:) It will be a fun weekend!