! This week's cool kid is the adorable Enzo. He lives with his parents in the bay area, speaks both Mandarin Chinese and English, a seasoned traveler, a vegertarian and a natural perfomer. He loves to dress up and was a chinese dragon to help celebrate the chinese new year! At a young age also has opinions on his fashion choices, he is a big fan of Mee A Bee bags (has 3!), loves stripes, jeans and fun hats! His mom is Julie and the blogger behind Hapa Lab. Her blog focuses on raising Enzo in a mixed Asian race, teaching him mandarian chinese and home schooling him with montessori based fundamentals. Julie has turned her living room into a dedicated "work place" for all of Enzo home lessons. She also has created home made Montessori tools out of house hold products on a free or very low budget. How Cool is that? You also have to check out Enzo's 3rd Birthday party! She did it ALL on a $150 budget. Let's meet Enzo...

Meet This Cool kid

Name:  Enzo Nickname(s):  Zozie, ZozoChinese Name:  周真平 Age:  3 City:  Berkeley, CA Favorite Food:  Omelettes Favorite Fruit:  Watermelon. Favorite Snack:  Nori & Edamame Favorite Toy:  Addicted to Jigsaw Puzzles! Favorite Book:  Mickey In the Night Kitchen Favorite Color:  Teal Blue & Pink. Favorite Super Hero:  My daddy...he can FLY me! Favorite Cartoon Character:  Snoopy. Favorite Sesame Street Character:  Ernie (He wears jeans) Favorite Animal:  Dragon Favorite Movie: Thomas! Favorite Song:  Wheels on the Bus (English & Chinese) Favorite piece of clothing:  JEANS!!! Any Sports or Classes?  Toddler Judo & Gymnastics. Favorite place in your town to visit:  The Tilden Little Farm Favorite Restaurant:  Any place with Noodles Favorite Holiday:  Halloween..."because of Trick or TREE!" (his words) Favorite thing to do with his parents:  Read books in their laps

My Picks For Enzo

Don't Throw That Away Book

Noticing Differences Giraffes Puzzle

I hope you enjoyed getting to know little Enzo and having a peak into his daily life!
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