I am excited to introduce you to JD an adorable 2 year old that lives in California with his parents! His mom is Adriana, the blogger behind And Baby Makes Three  and she is also the owner of Quaintly Amusing. JD just celebrated his 2nd birthday with a Robot party, you have to check this amazing party! JD is a sweet and loving little boy. He is very independent and it can sometimes get him in trouble but he already knows that kisses and hugs will get him out of it! He loves to help his parents put away the groceries and water plants in the garden. He loves wearing his superman t-shirt, anything with a hood and has a thing for shoes!
Get To Know This Cool Kid Name: Julian David (parents call him JD) Age: 2 City: Gardena, CA Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite kind of Ice Cream: Strawberry Favorite Fruit: Raspberries Favorite Snack: Yogurt and Gold Fish Crackers Favorite Toy: Wind-Up Robot Favorite Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar Favorite Color: Red Favorite TV Show: Phineas and Ferb & Yo Gabba Gabba Favorite super hero: Spider-Man Favorite Cartoon Character: Perry the Platypus Favorite Sesame Street Character: Elmo Favorite Animal: Elephant Favorite Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas Favorite Song: Halloween (Nightmare Before Christmas) Favorite piece of clothing: Anything with a hoodie Favorite Activity: Watering the garden (anything that involves water and dirt) Favorite thing to do on the weekend: Day trips and riding the Metro Favorite place in your town to visit: Feeding the ducks at the park Favorite Restaurant: Hank's Pizza and Chucky Cheese                                                                        My Picks For JD

                                                                      Dragon Hoodie

Robot Bean Bag

I hope you enjoyed getting to know the sweet and cool, JD!