I hope everyone is enjoying the short week! I am happy to introduce you to "Bug", she is a cool little 21 month old that lives in Moriches, New York with her parents and step brothers. Her mom Lauren blogs over at Tutus and Tea parties and also has an etsy shop. Bug is a girly girl in the making! She is obsessed with shoes, adores dresses, and loves being outside but hates getting dirty! She is a bubbly little thing and is full of energy!     

Get To Know This Cool Kid Nickname: Bug or Mush Age:  21 months City:  Moriches, NY Siblings: 2 Step Brothers Favorite Food: Pizza Crust Favorite kind of Ice Cream: Chocolate Favorite Fruit: Banana Favorite Snack: Raisins and Teddy Grahams Favorite Toy: Baby Dolls Favorite Book: No David and Goodnight Moon Favorite Color: Yellow Favorite TV Show: Yo Gabba Gabba Favorite Cartoon Character: Blue from Blues Clues Favorite Animal: Dog Favorite Song: ABCs Favorite piece of clothing: Dresses Favorite Activity: Bubbles Favorite thing to do on the weekend: Play outside Favorite place in your town to visit: The Animal Farm Favorite Restaurant: Friendly’s Favorite thing to do with her parents: Play hide and seek.
My Picks For Bug

Reversible Pinafore

I hope you enjoyed getting to know the cute little "Bug"! If you would like to have your cool kid (s) featured, contact us  at info@thelittlestylefile.com.