This week's cool kid is Layla an adorable curly red haired 3 year old from Houston, Texas! Her mom is the super sweet Melissa from Meli Faif Life. Layla is a spunky, sassy and silly little girl that loves to dance, sing, play outside and adores dogs! I LOVE her hair!
Get To Know This Cool Kid Nicknames: Gsa-Gsa, Ya-Ya, Layla Bug and Punkin Age: 3.5 City: Houston, Texas Pets: One dog, Sammie Favorite Food: Mexican food Favorite kind of Ice Cream:  Pink strawberry with sprinkles or rainbow sherbert Favorite Fruit:  watermelon Favorite Snack:  nachos Favorite Toy:  her Power Wheel – Hot pink Escalade Favorite Book:  The Little Blue Engine That Could Favorite Color:  Pink Favorite TV Show:  Barney Favorite princes or Super Hero:  Ariel, the Little Mermaid and Spider Man Favorite Cartoon Character:  Olivia the Pig   Favorite Movie:  Despicable Me Favorite Song:  Rockin’ Robin by the Jackson 5  Favorite piece of clothing:  probably her young Michael Jackson t-shirt Favorite Activity:  painting or playing with play-doh Favorite thing to do on the weekend:  go to the mall or play outside What sports/classes does she take?  Gymnastics Favorite place in your town to visit:  the zoo, because she loves to ride the train around the park Favorite Restaurant:  Chili’s                                                                          My Picks for LaylaPink A Licious Twirl Dress

Thanks Melissa for sharing your super COOl little girl!
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