Today's Real Life Cool kid is our youngest yet! Peyton is an adorable and stylish 8 month old that lives with her parents in Atlanta. Her mommy is the stylish lady behind Baby Shopaholic. Peyton may be pint size but she a happy baby that loves being on the go, shopping with mom and wearing stylish shades!

Get To Know This Cool Kid
Name: Peyton Renee Age: 8 months City: Atlanta Favorite Food: Squash Favorite kind of Ice Cream: push up pops that Grandma gives her Favorite Fruit: Apples Favorite Snack: Any table food someone gives her Favorite Toy: Moms Blackberry Favorite TV Show: Play with me Sesame Favorite princess: Tiana from Princess and the Frog Favorite Sesame Street Character: Elmo Favorite Movie: Princess and the Frog kept her attention for about 35 minutes Favorite Christmas gift: Baby Doll Favorite piece of clothing: Shades Favorite Activity: Jumping in peoples laps Favorite thing to do on the weekend: Shop with mommy Favorite thing to do with his parents: Snuggle in between Mommy and Daddy
My Picks For Peyton

Cherokee Blossom Leg Huggers

Poppies Dress

Baby Bow Peep Toe Two Piece SwimSuit

Hope you enjoyed getting to know this sweet baby girl!