I love food and I love to share my love for cooking with my own kids. This week's cool kid is the adorable two and half year old Xander from Austin, Texas. He and his mom Emme, also share my love for cooking and you can find them over at The Kid Can Cook! Emme and Xander share their adventures of eating healthy and cooking together as a family! Every Thursday they share recipes for dietary concerns. Xander has a peanut allergy and I love the green monster sandwich recipe that they shared as an alternative to the PB & J sandwich. Xander loves the outdoors, enjoys playing in the park, helping in the gardening, playing make believe with his dad and is a little explorer!

Xander and Emme
Get To Know This Cool Kid Name: Xander AKA X or the X man Age:  2.5 City: Austin Pets: puppy dog named Mick Favorite Food: Enchiladas (“hot & spicy” to be precise) Favorite kind of Ice Cream: Strawberry Favorite Snack: Yogurt or Cheese and Crackers Favorite Toy: Stella the Dinosaur who has also been known the play the part of Stella the Frog Favorite Book: Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late Favorite Color: Purple Favorite TV Show: Clifford Favorite super hero: Super Grover Favorite Cartoon Character: Lightning McQueen Favorite Animal: Dog Favorite Movie: Cars Favorite Song: Black Bird or Yellow Submarine Favorite piece of clothing: Any shirt with a Guitar on it Favorite thing to do on the weekend: Work in the garden or go to the park What sports/classes does he take? Montessori pre-school Favorite place in your town to visit: Zilker Park Favorite Restaurant: Brick Oven Pizza
My Picks For Xander

Big Wheel Shirt

Hope you enjoyed getting to know the ever cool Xander! Make sure you stop by their blog to see what they are cooking up next!