I love celebrating Cool Kids from all over the world and I was super happy to receive an e-mail a few months ago from Elisa of Croatia Eolivas. She is the mother of Isabela, a vibrant, full of energy and happy two and half year old! Isabela was born in Colorado but now lives in Croatia with her mother and father. She is currently practicing her third language, English! How cool is that? Isablela will be raised Trilingual (Spanish, Croatian and English). Isabela was just in Iowa visiting her 5 boy cousins and enjoyed every minute of being the only princess! Let's meet this cool little girl all the way from Croatia!
Get To Know This Cool Kid
Name: Isabela AKA Beli.  
Age: 2 1/2 years
City: Split, Croatia, was born in Colorado.
Favorite Food: Having breakfast is a favorite. Eggs and potatoes
Favorite: Snack a local one called krokit kroket:. They are similar to cheese puffs but these are made of cornmeal and peanuts.
Favorite: Animal dogs.
Favorite Fruit: She prefers to eat tomatoes or salad over fruit.
Favorite Book: Antuntun, a Croatian book. Her dad grew up reading it as well.
Favorite Color: pink
Favorite Movie: Shrek   
Favorite Song: Old McDonald Had A Farm
Favorite piece of clothing: At this stage, she fights every piece of clothing her mom suggests.
Favorite Activity: watercolor, draw
Favorite thing to do on the weekend: going to the trampoline park, she loves to jump
Favorite place in your city or nearby: the park near the beach: it has trampolines, a small playground then afterwards she can throw rocks in the sea.
Favorite Restaurant: any place that offers pizza. 
                                                    My Picks For Isabela
                                            Nina The Sheep Whisperer
                                                Printed Flutter Sleeve Top
         Hope you enjoyed getting to know this super cool little girl!