I am thrilled today to introduce you a super cool red headed two year old from Salt Lake City named Brody! You may recognize his adorable little face from his mother's lovely blog Whatever Ever Dee Dee Wants. Diana is a super sweet blogger and she has a weekly feature on her blog called Stylin Sunday and it of course features the uber stylish cutie, Brody. He may be only two but he already has his opinion on his clothes, shoes and hats! He may love fashion but he still is all boy and loves to chase his cat "kitty" around the house, wrestle and play ball. Let's meet this cutie!

Get To Know This Cool Kid
Name: Brody Chopper Age: 2 City: Salt Lake City Favorite Food: French fries and pizza. (He is a very picky eater ) Favorite kind of Ice Cream: Any kind as long as it’s on a cone. Favorite Toy:  cars Favorite Book: photo albums Favorite TV Show: Mickey House Club House Favorite Cartoon Character: Mickey, Buzz Lightyear or Shrek Favorite Movie: he loves Shrek, Toy Story and the Jungle Book Favorite Song: He loves all music but he always likes dancing to the Mickey Mouse Hot Dog song or Lady   gaga Bad Romance Favorite piece of clothing: shoes. He is a freak for shoes! He wants to pick out his own shoes every day and gets upset if he cant. He is always sneaking into mommy’s closet to try on daddy’s shoes. Favorite Restaurant: Any place that has French fries. Favorite thing to do with his parents: He loves when they chase him around the house.
                                                                My Picks For Brody                                  Puma Game Point Hero V Light Up Sneaker Nordstrom

Big Wheel Burnout T-Shirt WrenWillow

Eco Dough Eco Kids

MotoX Trucker Hat Little Fit

Chicco Johnny Radio Control Coupe FAO Schwarz

I love a kid rock that can rock out some leiderhosen! I actually had a pair that I wore my dad made me wear. I had braids in my hair, tights and resembled Heidi. I am so glad I don't have an pictures to share with you! ha.