I don't know about you but I love little fashionistas. Today, I am happy to introduce you to  two year old Audrey a little fashionista that lives in downtown Chicago with her mom and dad. Her  mom is Jiye of Pearls and Green Tea. If you are familiar with Jiye and her blog than it is no surprise that she has a little fashionista by her side! Audrey is a girly girl that loves anything to do with princesses, obsessed with her pink velour pants, loves to dance and play soccer!

Name: Audrey Age: 2 City: Chicago        Favorite Food: any kind of pasta Favorite Fruit: bananas Favorite Snack: cheese puffs Favorite Toy: princess dresses Favorite Book: baby happy baby sad Favorite Color: pink Favorite TV Show: Mickey Mouse clubhouse Favorite Cartoon Character: Minnie Mouse Favorite Animal: giraffe Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo   Favorite Song: happy birthday or ABC Favorite Activity: dancing in her princess dress and heels Favorite thing to do on the weekend: spending time with daddy What sports/classes does she take? soccer, gymnastics, dance Favorite place in your town to visit: explore & much more indoor playground Favorite Restaurant: noodles and company Favorite thing to do with his parents: read books, play in the kitchen

My Picks For Audrey

A Line Dress

Miss Lina's Ballerinas

Felt Sushi Tray

Ballerina Toddler Messenger Bag

I hope you had fun getting a little peek into Audrey's life!