I am sure I have mentioned it before I love kids that enjoy cooking with their parents! I believe cooking is a fun activity for kids and parents to do together but it can also help curb some of our kiddos pickiness too! I am happy to introduce Audrey to you today! Audrey lives with her parents and her little sister Maurene in Kansas. Audrey loves to cook, bake muffins of any kind (sweet and savory), go to farmer's markets and pick and grow lettuce in her garden. Audrey is the cute little girl you will find over at In the Kitchen with Audrey. Kris her mother tells us "Often she will move a chair and climb up to an item she wants to eat or an ingredient she would like to cook with. She likes to cook especially if we are using the food processor or stand mixer. Muffins are her favorite thing to make. After we put them in the oven she always turns the light on and wtches them bake" 
Future Julia Child?


Name  Audrey Rose Age:  3 City: Lawrence, KS Siblings: Maurene Favorite Food: yogurt Favorite kind of Ice Cream: chocolate Favorite Fruit: strawberry Favorite Snack: Annie’s Bunny Snacks in Chocolate Favorite Toy: Legos Favorite Book: A collection of Curious George Favorite Color: pink Favorite princess: All of them Favorite Cartoon Character: Dora Favorite Animal: dogs Favorite Movie: Tinkerbell Favorite Song: Happy Birthday Favorite Christmas gift: A real talking Buzz Lightyear! Favorite piece of clothing: A dress Favorite Activity: talking and cooking Favorite thing to do on the weekend: The Farmers Market                                                        My Picks for Audrey                                               Fresh Organic Fruit Basket

Kids Mixer Set

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Audrey! If you are dealing with a picky eater, stop by her blog!