Move over Rachel Zoe!!! Move over Martha Stewart!!! There is a new kid in town and her name is Lucy! When I first discovered Lucy on the blog Breakfast At Toast, I immediately knew I needed to track her down and find out more about this Cool Kid! Lucy lives in Auburn with her parents, three teenage brothers and their cat and dog. Lucy is six year old and has a passion for cooking and fashion. Lucy loves cooking with her play cooking toys and with her mom. She cooks something everyday and the more elaborate the better! She loves to watch videos on the computer of Barefoot Contessa,  Giada DeLaurentis, Martha Stewart and Tracey Porter. She then re-creates them in her play videos! How cool is that? Check out Lucy setting a kids table.

Here is Lucy's Fashion video

Get To Know This Cool Kid Name:- Lucy Age: 6 City:  Auburn Siblings: 3 brothers (Powell 17, Blake 16, Bennett 13)            Pets:  Smokey (dog) Rex (cat) Favorite Food:  mac and cheese Favorite kind of Ice Cream:  vanilla Cupcake or cake - cupcake Favorite Fruit:  watermelon Favorite Snack:  Nutella Favorite Toy: cooking toys, dolls Favorite Color:  Purple Favorite Animal:  dinosaur: Favorite Song:  The Best of Both Worlds by Hannah Montana and Hey Soul Sister by Train Favorite Christmas gift:  pepper grinder Favorite piece of clothing:  skinny jeans Favorite Activity:  gym at school Favorite Holiday:  Valentine's Day Favorite vacation spot:  The Cayman Islands   Favorite store:  Walgreen's My Picks For LucyLittle Hostess in Training  OohLaLollipop

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I hope you enjoyed getting to know the adorable Lucy! I have a feeling we will see a lot more "Lucy" videos
popping up on the web in the near future!