I am super excited to introduce you to today's Real Life Cool Kid! One of my favorite blogs and daily must reads is Bon Bon Rose Girls. Kristin is one amazing super mama (and blogger) and today I would like you to meet her adorable blonde hair and blue eyed little guy named "The Dude". The Dude is a super active 2 year old that gives his mama a run for her money now that he is in the terrible two's! He still can melt Kristin's heart when he says "Night Night My Mommy. I loooooove You!" and shows off his baby blues. He is obsessed with trains and anything to do with transportation! Let's meet this adorable little curly head boy!
Get To Know This Cool Kid
Nickname:  The Dude Age:  2 City: Tampa Pets: Kitty named Sophie…or as I like to call her Fifi Favorite Food: Apples Favorite Fruit: Apples Favorite Snack: Apples (Are you seeing a trend?) Favorite Toy: My Thomas the Trains and train table Favorite Color: Blue. Mommy says it’s because I have such gorgeous baby blues. Favorite TV Show: Thomas the Train and Caillou Favorite Animal: Dinosaur Favorite Song: Do the Owl by The Wiggles Favorite piece of clothing: My Thomas the Train jammies Favorite Activity:  Playing with my trains and playing baseball. I’m going to play pro just like Daddy someday! At least that’s what Daddy thinks. HA! Favorite thing to do on the weekend: Wear Mommy and Daddy out. Favorite place in Tampa: The aquarium. I loooooooove looking for Nemo! Favorite Restaurant: Chipotle. Guac is my favorite! Favorite Holiday:  Halloween! I love running around and freaking Mommy out by telling her that I see ghosts. Favorite thing to do with his parents:  Go to Barnes & Noble to get a book and play with the Thomas the Train table.
My Picks For The Dude.

Fore! Axel and Hudson Straw Fedora

Since The Dude and Kristin live in Florida and they will be enjoying warmer weather in Florida sooner than most of us I wanted to get them excited for spending more time outside and at the beach! Hope you enjoyed getting to know this adorable cutie! If you have a cool kid (s) that you would like featured, send an e-mail to info@thelittlestylefile.com.