Due to the summer and a lot that is going on in my personal life, I haven been a little MIA. It is often hard to juggle everything and I am sure you understand. I apologize and will try to most more! Are you following The Little Style File on twitter? Make sure you do because we have some exciting things going on! We just saw a sneak peak of our new site the other day!  I am super excited to have the honor of featuring the adorable 3 year old Waltteri from Finland! Sari is his mother, she is a super sweet person and I am lucky to have "met" her through blogging. (even if I have to put the translator on to read her blog! lol) Make sure you stop by her fabulous blog!  You can tell right off the bat that Waltteri is a cool kid and he has an "easy rock n roll" style. He is a funny kid, that loves to sing, is not quiet, is always talking or singing and loves cars. He often pretends he is driving a car, while in his stroller. As a family they enjoy riding bicycles together and that is where you can usually find them!

Get To Know This Cool Kid

Name: Waltteri Age:  3 years Country: Finland Siblings: One older brother who is 10 years old Favorite Food: Potatoes and sauce, he loves “normal” food! Favorite Fruit: Grapes Favorite Snack: Chocolate Favorite Toy: All of his cars Favorite Book: Richard Scarry books Favorite TV Show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Favorite Cartoon Character: Mickey Mouse Favorite Animal: Dog Favorite Movie: The Cars Favorite Song: Finnish song called “Autolaulu” (a “Car Song“ in English) Favorite Christmas gift: His balance bike Favorite piece of clothing: His dinosaur shirts by Mini Rodini Favorite Activity: Going out with his bike Favorite thing to do on the weekend: He loves to hang out at the beach Favorite place in your town to visit: the nearest playground Favorite Restaurant: McDonald's                                                                My Picks For Waltteri Muscle Tank

I hope you enjoyed getting to know this cool little boy!
Have a great day!
Stay Cool.-B