I am thrilled to feature Sasha the pint size fashionista behind Diaper Style Memoirs as a Real Cool Kid today! Sasha is a carefree, playful, chocolate obsessed, iPhone loving 2 year old from Chicago. She lives with her 8 year old brother, Nicholas and their parents. Sasha may be young but she definitely has her opinions on what she is wearing! There are days that her mommy has to chase her around for an hour to get her dressed! Her favorite piece of clothing in her wardrobe is a super soft vintage dress and she adores her hand me down furry slippers.

Get To Know This Cool Kid
Name: Alexandra aka: Sasha Age:  2 City:  Chicago Cake:  CHOCOLATE Favorite Fruit:  raspberries Favorite Snack:  apples and peanut butter Favorite Toy:  iphone Favorite Color:  red Favorite TV Show:  Dora Favorite Cartoon Character:  Dora and Mickey Favorite Animal: monkey Favorite Song:  ABC song Favorite Christmas gift: Teddy bear from Uncle Yev Favorite piece of clothing:  furry hand me down slippers Favorite Activity:  playing with the iPhone Favorite thing to do on the weekend: play with the iPhone, go swimming with her brother What sports/classes does she take?  Gymboree learn and play Favorite place in your town to visit: the zoo Favorite Restaurant: local pancake house Favorite Holiday: Halloween Favorite thing to do with her parents: take away their i phones 
My Picks for Sasha                                                       
                                                                                                               Funky Kitten
I hope you enjoyed getting to know the sassy little Sasha! ! If you would like me to feature your Cool Kid(s) contact us at info@thelittlestylefile.com.