Today's cool kid is the lovely and adorable Lila. Lila lives with her parents and two "catties" in Canada. She is a little fashionista that is fiesty and  fearless! She loves to help her parents cook, build forts, swim and is a book lover!  Her mom Andrea, is a professional photographer. Andrea started the blog Lila was here earlier this year as a way to document their life, she realized after looking over her personal photos she had taken more photos of other people's families than her own.  You can tell from looking over all the fabulous pictures of Lila on her site, that she lives a cool life!
Get To Know This Cool Kid
Name: Lila
Age: 2
City: Edmonton
Pets: two "catties", Ellie and Emma
Favorite Food: pasta
Favorite kind of Ice Cream: any kind she can get her hands on
Favorite Fruit: blueberries
Favorite Snack: cinnamon sugar popcorn
Favorite Toy: stuffed donkey
Favorite Book: What the Ladybird Heard 
Favorite Color: pink
Favorite TV Show: Yo Gabba Gabba
Favorite Animal: bunnies
        Favorite Movie: How to Train Your Dragon
Favorite Song: Puff the Magic Dragon

                                                     Favorite Christmas gift: stamps

     Favorite piece of clothing: striped pajamas
Favorite Activity: reading
Favorite thing to do on the weekend: swimming
Favorite Holiday: birthdays! her and everyone else's.
Favorite thing to do with her parents: building forts
My Picks for Lila

Vintage Fabric Beaded Necklace

Free Spirited Sequins Headband

Rose and Tan Play Teepee

Hope you enjoyed getting to know this pint size fashionista!
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