I am beyond excited to have Carter as a Cool Kid today! Carter lives in San Diego with his brother and his parents. This cool kid has style beyond his years and that is probably because his mom is the one and only Priscilla from Little Miss Heirlooms and she is also the editor of best online kids magazine Babiekins! Carter is a strong willed kid (he knows what he wants and how he wants it!), he is quirky, funny and loves to be around his older brother. He is super particular when it comes to his food, the rice can't touch his meat and his meat can't be next to his corn. He is super sweet, loves to cuddle and doing things for others. His favorite item of clothing at this time is his Indiana Jones hat! He never takes it off and you can find him wearing it at target!

Get To Know This Cool Kid Name: Carter Age: 3 City: San Diego Siblings: Christian who is 5 Pets: A 5 month old puppy named Bella Favorite Food: Corn dogs! Cupcake or cake: Cake he said because its bigger than a cupcake and he can eat it all. Favorite Fruit: Strawberries Favorite Snack: Cheese and crackers Favorite Toy: Egmont Sword Favorite Book: Amelia Bedelia Favorite Color: Red Favorite TV Show: Max and Ruby Favorite super hero: Superman Favorite Animal: Bella (our dog) Favorite Movie: Rio Favorite piece of clothing: His mini rodini hotdog shirt Favorite Activity: swimming and going to the beach Favorite thing to do on the weekend: Play in his sandbox at home or go to the park What sports/classes does she take? He has started jujitsu and will start soccer in the summer   My Picks For Carter                                                                                                                      Anpanman hooded Beach Towel

Molo Kids Alien Shorts

If you have not checked out babiekins magazine, make sure you grab a cup of coffee and take a look at the latest edition! You will be thanking me later!