I don't know about you but I love twitter! It took me awhile to get the hang of it but I have connected with some wonderful people through Twitter! Chantele of The Adventures of Skinny Mini Kiki is one of those sweet and  fabulous people! Keira is her adorable 6 year old daughter. They live in Montreal, Canada. Kiera is a  fun loving and outgoing little girl that speaks both English and French! Her mom said "Her eyes give her away. They are bright, open, honest and sweet." She is known for her imitation of an old lady or man and has an insane memory! She meets new friends often but doesn't always ask them their name instead says "Hey Mon Ami (my friend) follow me this way!" She is a dress girl all the way and hasn't worn jeans since she was 2!
Get To Know This Cool Kid Name: Keira-Mae AKA Kiki   Age: 6 years old City: Montreal, Canada Favorite Food: Anything pasta, nutella and ‘smoked meat (meat bbq’d on the grill, smoking) Favorite kind of Ice Cream: Turtles ice cream! Favorite Fruit: Strawberries Favorite Snack: Goldfish crackers Favorite Toy: Barbies Favorite Color: Mauve/Purple and pink! Favorite TV Show: Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show Favorite princess: Barbie Fairy Secret princess Favorite Cartoon Character: Tweety Bird Favorite Sesame street Character: Abby Cadabby & Zoe Favorite Movie: High School Musical II Favorite piece of clothing: All her dresses! Favorite Activity: Play imagination &), skating Favorite thing to do on the weekend: Play! And have play dates with friends. What sports/classes does she take? Swimming. Favorite place in your town to visit: Downtown Montreal for shopping!  Favorite Holiday: Halloween of course! Favorite thing to do with her parents: Play tickle monster!                                                   Lilac Sakura Sundress

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Hope you enjoyed getting to a little about the adorable Keira! If you have a cool kid (s) that you would like to be featured, contact us at info@thelittlestylefile.com.