I am extremely excited for the Real life Cool kids feature today! I first met Tristin and Tyler's mom, Tiffany on twitter several months back. Tiffany is super sweet and one cool mom. She has 6 year old twin boys, Tristin and Tyler. Tristin and Tyler live in New York City with their mom and dad. These twin boys are beyond cool. They have their own website and they have a web series "Tristin and Tyler's Tales from the City" they go around New York City interviewing people about taking green initiatives to help save the earth. Isn't that cool? You have to check out some of their videos. They will make you smile. Tiffany always has tried to be Eco conscious and instilled it in her boys but now they remind her to recycle, conserve water and electricity at times when she tends to forget! These are two cool boys out and about in New York City! Let's meet the boys!

Get To know these Real Cool Kids Name: Tyler Age: 6 City: New York, New York Favorite Food: Spaghetti Favorite kind of Ice Cream: Vanilla with Rainbow Sprinkles Favorite Snack: Chips Ahoy Cookies Favorite Book: Look and Find Favorite TV Show: “Suite Life on Deck” Favorite super hero: Wolverine Favorite Animal: Tiger Favorite Movie: “Despicable Me” Favorite Song:: I’m Not Afraid by Eminem Favorite piece of clothing: Jordan sneakers Favorite place New York City to visit: Target Favorite Restaurant: Popeye’s Favorite thing to do with his parents: Play board games

Name: Tristin Age: 6 City: New York, NY Favorite Food: Macaroni & Cheese Favorite kind of Ice Cream: Chocolate Favorite Snack: Chocolate Chip Cookies Favorite Toy: Horse toys Favorite Book: Three Little Pigs Favorite TV Show: Wizards of Waverly Place Favorite super hero: Iron Man Favorite Movie: Space Jam Favorite Song: Thriller by Michael Jackson Favorite piece of clothing: T-shirt I made at my t-shirt party Favorite place in your town to visit: Brooklyn Craft Farm Favorite Restaurant: Greentree Restaurant (Riverdale, NY) Favorite thing to do with his parents: Draw pictures

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Tyler and I both share a love for Target. What's not to love? Ha! Hope you enjoyed getting to know these two cool kids! Want me to feature your cool kid? Contact us at info@thelittelstylefile.com.