Welcome to The Little Style File!  We are ecstatic you are here! TLSF has a great opening week planned including a fun fashion video later today, great finds for under $30, our first little feature (you won't want to miss this amazing little girl!) and a fab contest with one of our favorite brands.  To kick things off, we thought it would be fun for you to get to know a little more about the girls behind The Little Style File.





Betsy:  I was a working mom for the last five years but for the last month I have been staying home.  My style has definitely changed to be more casual.  I try to put some thought into my outfit on a daily basis but some days are easier than others.

Kristin:  At first my kids influenced my style in a "I don't want spit up all over anything that costs more than $19.99" kind of way.  Then there was the no wearing jewelry unless you want your earrings pulled out and your necklace pulled off.  But now I would say they make my style more fun.

For E's 4th birthday I proudly sported a Hello Kitty tee just like my girls and wore a striped flouncy dress to Pinkalicious the Musical and fit right in.  It's so fun to hear their reactions when I put on gold ballet flats instead of sneakers or add a little something unexpected to an outfit.  Their oohs and aahs make my day!




Betsy:  I have a vivid memory of being in my bedroom with my friend giving her a makeover.  At a young age I loved fashion and dreamed of working in the industry.

Kristin:  This is not necessarily a fashion memory, but a style memory.  Anyway, I remember crimping my hair.  I loved to have my hair crimped and it filled the void until my mom let me get a perm.




Betsy:  Where the Sidewalk Ends.  I loved reading the poems with my mom.

Kristin:  My favorite book is The Giving Tree.  I loved it so much as a child and it just has an entirely new layer of meaning as a parent.



Betsy:  Target.  If you need me and you can't get ahold of me on my cell phone, you can probably find me at Target.  It's my home away from home.

Kristin:  For clothes, probably the Gap.  But ever since seeing Crazy Stupid Love, now I feel like I should be better than the Gap.  ;)




Betsy:  Grande Vanilla Latte

Kristin:  Grande Carmel Macchiato




Betsy:  Mia said " I do everything for her and am the best mommy in the whole world."

Kristin:  E says, "You are the best mama in the whole wide world," and I'll take it!  I also think my girls would say I'm silly, we have great dance parties but I'm not afraid to issue a time out when needed.



Betsy:  When I was 16 years old I was on the J-Board (Junior Board) at Jacobson's Department Store.

Kristin:  Unless you look really closely, most people wouldn't know I have two different colored eyes.  It happened when I was two as the result of a high fever.  I have only met one other person who has two different colored eyes and was not born that way.


Betsy:  My red Dr. Scholl's Clogs!  They were my favorite pair of shoes!

Kristin:  My acid washed, tight rolled LA Gear jeans that were the perfect compliment to my LA Gear high tops and slouch socks.



Now it's your turn!  The Little Style File wants to hear your answers.  Leave us a comment below with your favorite fashion memory, favorite place to shop or even your Starbucks order!