The Little Style File's first 'Little Feature' is the lovely Ivy Joy.  Here's a little about this amazing girl...

Name or nickname:  Ivy Joy

Age:  5 next month

Pets:  2 cats named Earl and Buttercup

Favorite: Animal: Ponies and horses

Favorite Toy: Piggie (who is worn almost to death!)

Favorite Color: Ivy's answer…I like EVERY color

Favorite TV Show: Fresh Beat Band (shoot me now)

Favorite thing to do on the weekend:  Spend time with her grandparents (Gaga and Poppy).

What sports/classes does she take? Took ballet, right now schedule is totally full of school and therapy.

Pants or skirts?  SKIRTS—no question

Skirts or dresses? Doesn’t matter!

Tights or leggings?  Wears leggings more often, but tights are a super special treat, she LOVES them, but can’t wear them very often because they make her foot slide around in her leg brace.

What would you like people to know about her?  She’s a trooper!  She’s worked very hard to achieve her goals and her work has paid off.

What is her personality like? Gentle, caring, compassionate.

How would others describe her?  The word people usually use is “delightful.”


After being diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy as an infant, Ivy Joy was given a grim prognosis.  But as her mom, Missy, so eloquently puts it:

The little girl that wasn't supposed to walk now runs around chasing her friends on the playground.

The little girl that wasn't supposed to talk now makes up stories about dragons and princesses.

The little girl that wasn't supposed to use her right side now strings beads and dresses herself.

The little girl with a bleak future danced in a ballet recital wearing a sparkly pink tutu that left glitter wherever she went...just like all the other little girls in her dance class.

Missy credits Easter Seals in helping Ivy Joy succeed.  As part of their fundraising program, Ivy Joy has a couple of events coming up soon.  The first is the Easter Seals Fashion Show with the theme 'Spread Our Wings' and then a photo shoot for the Easter Seals Coffee Table Book.

For the fashion show, which is more masquerade and less high fashion, we have put together an outfit that will sparkle almost as much as Ivy Joy.  While this steps away from the pink tutu, this look will still be able to twirl right down the runway.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

2. only available up to size 4T/5T

Then after Ivy Joy is finished strutting her stuff, she has an Easter Seals photo shoot for their coffee table book.  Ah, the glamorous life!  Ivy Joy is a girly girl to the core so this sophisticated and chic ensemble is perfect for the photo shoot, party or holiday event.

crew cuts, crazy 8

1, 2, 3, 4  

Thank you, Ivy Joy!  We know you are going to rock the runway and your photo shoot!

To learn more about  Easter Seals or how to donate to this wonderful organization, visit Ivy Joy's page.

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