The Little Style is excited to bring you an interview with the super fabulous Audrey McClelland of momgenerations! She gives great advice on fashion for moms, kids and also shares her stories about being a mom. She is also the co-founder of Getting Gorgeous Events that she and Vera Sweeney created in August 2010. They host fashion and beauty events for mom bloggers. She wrote her first book, The Digital Mom Handbook with Colleen Padilla that was released in late July.  Audrey has 4 boys under the age of six, is super busy and always seems to be stylish! We wanted to find out what her secrets to being a stylish mom are and she let us know!

TLSF: When did you start blogging? What made you do it?

AM: I started blogging in 2006. I had a website called that was a product review site, and my sister suggested we start a tab called "blog." I had not a clue what it was, and she said - you know - we just sort of blog about our day. I couldn't believe that people did it, and I was hooked immediately! I loved the idea of sharing my day and my thoughts with other moms.

TLSF: What is the one thing you love the most about being a blogger?

AM: I love that I am creating my own work life. I love that I can decide to drop the boys off at school or go on that field trip or head away to my in-laws an extra day early without having to call my boss. I love that. I also love that I'm creating a digital scrapbook and journal for my sons to have and see and read one day. That's special to me.

TLSF: How do you juggle your digital life with being a mom of 4 boys??

AM: LOL... a lot of help! My husband stays at home with the boys and runs with me. He helps with the business side of things for me, so it really has become between me, my mom, sister, dad and my husband, a family business! I love it. I don't have any outside help from a nanny or a sitter, so really it's a constant battle and struggle and balancing act. I try to work throughout the whole day. Sometimes I get spurts, sometimes I get long stretches. I essentially have a to-do from what needs to get done for work and what needs to get done for the boys and just don't go to bed until it's all done. I've really had to try hard to stay organized and on (as much as possible) a schedule.

TLSF: Since we are obviously, in a digital world these days... How do you disconnect? What is your advice for other mom’s that struggle with disconnecting?

AM: I love to disconnect with a great book and some of my reality TV shows! I'm a huge Housewives fan. Over the last 12 months, I have been disconnecting from 5-8PM. That's family time. We make dinner, we hang out together and we do family things. There's nothing like being able to shut the laptop sometimes and just let go for awhile. It's healthy and it's necessary, especially if you're a full time digital mom. I have to admit though, it can get tough because the Internet is always on, it's never off and you really have to make an effort.

TLSF: How do you raise 4 boys and still remain super stylish? We want to know your secrets!

AM: LOL... thank you so much!! I'm flattered!! I'm a HUGE fashion lover and nut! It's who I am and I've always been this way. I love love love to spot trends and keep some trendy items in my closet that I know are practical for me and functional. I know I would never be able to pull off a mini skirt because I couldn't change a diaper in it!  But I love jeans, silk blouses and heels... so I try to bring items in that I know work well on my body and colors that I know complement my hair & skin tone. I feel like that's a huge secret that many moms don't think about... it sometimes can just come down to finding a color that looks amazing on you and wearing it silly! Plus, I love a monochromatic look, and that's super easy to do and every woman can pull it off!

TLSF:  What are your 3 style "must haves" for mom's?

AM: My MUST HAVES for moms:

1. Scarf. You can tie a scarf in over 25 different ways. It doesn't matter what color or what fabric, but this is such a fabulous accessory and NEVER goes out of style.

2. Black pencil skirt. I know... moms don't get the chance to wear skirts too much, but by having this in your closet - you can never go wrong! Pair with a basic black tank and you're good. Pair with a sweater and you're good. Pair it with a turtleneck and you're good. Simple and easy to wear with anything!

3. Jeans that FIT. I'm a jean girl. I wear them all the time. The key to jeans is finding a pair that fits your butt and your thighs perfectly. You don't want to have them too big or too tight. Once you have that pair of jeans, you can wear them every single day!! They become your fashion best friend!

TLSF: What are your 5 must haves for fall?


1. Gray Tall Boots

2. Over-sized off-the-shoulder sweater

3. Leggings

4. Leopard Ballet Flats

5. Distressed Jeans

Thank you, Audrey McClelland, for taking time out of your SUPER busy life to share your secrets with us! We look forward to seeing what you have in store for us mom's in the future! If you know a mom with style that you look should be featured, send an e-mail to