It may be the last day of September but clients are rolling in for their annual family holiday photos.  Here are two different families and two different takes on holiday red. The M Family consists of an 18 month old baby, mom and dad.  Mom has red ballet flats that she wanted to incorporate into this year's holiday photo shoot.  The family has a comfortable yet sophisticated style and wanted to stay casual jeans.  Here are the looks we put together for the M Family.

holiday family pictures

The V Family consists of mom, dad and two darling daughters.  They wanted to stick with a classic red, black and white color scheme but amp up the elegance this year and try something a little different from their typical casual holiday pics.  Dad has the suit in his closet and Mom is in love with her Kate Spade pumps.  Here are the looks we created for the V Family.

family holiday pictures

Are holiday photos on your mind?  What will your family be wearing?

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