We love honoring other busy moms that are able to hold it all together and still maintain a stylish life. As moms, we can all learn and gain from each other. Today, we have a great interview with the super fabulous Rachel Florio Urso, Celebrity Trend Expert. Not only does Rachel juggle being a mom, wife and busy PR company, she is also about to launch Designer Diaperz and we cannot wait!  If you are wondering what the next hot brands are for Children...then Rachel is your girl.  





TLSF: What made you decide to focus on the Children's marketplace?

Rachel: When I launched my PR firm in Soho, New York I started strong by running Bryant Park runway shows and launching some of the hottest restaurants and clubs in NYC.  We were the people holding the list at the door.  We also focused on high-end jewelry, home goods and at one point even had a Vogue magazine shoot in my loft as incredibly funny, Tracey Ullman and I went vintage shopping together.  Two years later an editor asked me if I could get the organic baby brand, Kee-Ka on Sex and the city.  They desperately wanted Miranda's baby to wear their onesies.  After I succeeded not once, but several times baby brands were coming out of the woodwork! Within six months I had 21 maternity, baby and child brands on my roster.  I never looked back.  Many reps say they work with baby brands, but as far as I know I am the only publicist that stays truly focused in this niche market and I am proud of it!

TLSF:What do you love most about working in PR?

Rachel: Everything! My world revolves around babies and kids, both at home and at work.  I wouldn't have it any other way! I’m a “Celebrity Trend Expert” on many major networks and I’m the CEO of a thriving public relations business.  I am launching Designer Diaperz™ which you’ll be seeing on shelves and in the media very soon.  Trust me; I won’t let you miss it! I build repetitive brand awareness for new mom and pop manufacturers and I also re-launch big box brands that need a fresh media campaign.  There is nothing more rewarding during my work day than a "You put my brand on the map! You rock”! My retainer fee pays the bills, but the appreciation keeps me going.


TLSF: You are a busy working mom with 5 kids! How do you juggle a busy PR career and your family without a nanny?

Rachel: I actually enjoy wearing many hats.  I stay focused, determined and extremely organized.  I try not to skip a beat and on the seldom occasion that I do the wonderful people in my life give me a free pass! I am a list maker! My handwritten list, iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop and old fashioned calendar are all in sync! I’m actually juggling this interview at the moment. I am in flight on my way to family weekend at ASU while my son is resting with his head on my lap.  I'm a crazy busy mom of 3 + 2! Three are biologically mine and my two bonus cuties are my husband’s from a previous marriage. Our children range in age from 8 to 18. The youngest is in third grade and the oldest is a freshman in college.  We are hoping to get blessed with baby number six! I'm at the bus stop, I help with homework, I cook the meals and I kiss the boo-boos.  Like any at-home mom I make sure everyone has all of their needs met and give each child one on one time as well.  At times you’ll see my 2AM tweets. That's not a paid service.  I am actually up and working! I have a very supportive and loving husband that also has his own busy career.  Together we make it work!


TLSF: How do you manage a busy PR career, a large family and still remain stylish? We want to know your secrets!

Rachel: I stay true to myself.  I love fashion and always have.  I refuse to become a frumpy woman just because I'm a busy working mom.  My teen daughters always ask, "Why are you wearing that? That’s something a 25-year-old would wear!" I  have to explain that they are now catching up to the fashion scene and just because they are dressing a bit hipper these days doesn't mean mom is going to burn her wardrobe and break out the sweat pants! I work hard, I love hard, I play hard and I am fortunate enough to make it all work.  I am all about quality vs. quantity!


TLSF: What one item in your makeup bag can you not live without?
Rachel: YSL volume effects mascara! If I could pick two more it would be NARS lip liner in Fantasia and Chanel's rouge allure lip gloss in Imaginaire.TLSF: Dinner in our house can be hard, what is your go to meal that everyone loves in your home?
Rachel: Dinner at our house is where we connect.  I love to cook! It's my therapy.  There's nothing better than the smell of a home cooked meal and the sound of kids running to wash up for dinner.  That's my moment to take a deep breath and really be in the moment with the kids.  I have many go-to-meals.  I'm more about comfort food.  We all like my mini crocs of homemade chicken pot pie, my slow-cooked pot roast, mushroom smothered Chicken Marsala and just about anything on the grill.  Asparagus, peppers and grilled corn on the cob are a few of our favs! It's a fun night when we make chicken quesadillas together or the kids make their own personal pan pizzas! Moms, when the kids are bored and you want to give them a fond memory have them cook a fresh apple pie with you or whip up some brownies! Let them create their own mini version of whatever you are making.  It can be as simple as rolling out crescent rolls.


TLSF: What are your 5 must haves for fall?

Rachel: My five fall must-haves are a velvet blazer, preferably with a ticket pocket.

A plaid shirt that looks like it could be my husbands from J. Crew.

A pair of colored denim jeans.

A simple metallic silver clutch.

It’s a toss up between a new pair of Christian Louboutin heels or classic Tory Burch riding boots.


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