Megan Gage from Hot Tot is with us today, sharing an adorable stylish knot for little girls. We love this one since keeping hair out of our little girls eyes is a daily challenge for us!

Hot Tot with a Stylish Knot

When my daughter was younger, I was always on the lookout for simple and stylish ways to keep her hair out of her eyes.  I learned how to do this fast and funky do in a gas station bathroom (true story) and have taught many moms since then.  It is very easy, though it took me a little practice before I was able to make it look well-manicured.

Step 1: Gather the right tools for success.  A water bottle helps smooth stray hairs and a fine-toothed comb with a square edge is great for achieving super-straight parts.  Hair spray (I recommend Hot Tot Finishing Mist) helps style remain intact all day long.


Step 2: Gather a small section of hair on top of the head.  Use the square edge of your comb to ensure that the parts are straight.  The parts should run parallel and should begin directly about the outer corner of the eye.


Step 3: Spray the section of hair with a small amount of water (first) and hairspray.  Divide the section into two equal pieces. Tie the two pieces exactly like you would time your shoelace and wrap one of the pieces around the other two additional times before pulling tight. When pulling, make sure to pull the two pieces straight-away from each other (towards the child’s ears).  A knot will form.

Step 4: Divide another section (similar in size) behind the first knot.  Repeat the tying process.  Make sure to smooth the hair before tying the knot, as it will look better if it is smoothed in advance.


Step 5: Tie a third know (same size as the other two).  I like to tease a small amount of hair on the back of the head (under the crown) and smooth the top for that 60’s inspired shape. I love big hair J  What can I say!?!


To remove, simply grab the middle section of the knot (where the two sides are combined) and gently pull upwards.  The knot will easily release.


Do you have any favorite hair styles for your little girls? Please share them with us.