We are excited to introduce you to one of our sponsors today, NewDayNewDeals! Sarah is a stay at home mom to a spunky 2 1/2 year old daughter Abby and a sweet little 6 month old litle boy Jake.  Sarah is a lot like us, she has a passion for kids fashion but has a great knack for getting the best deals! Her mission is to get your kids into the best brands for the best price, how cool is that?  We were able to get an interview with her to find out a little more about her and how she dresses her two adorable kids super stylish.

TLSF: Why did you start New Day New Deals? How long Have you been doing it?

Sarah: I started it on a whim back in January when I was 7 months pregnant with Jake.  I followed quite a few shopping blogs and deal sites and was frusterated by a few things.  First, they didn't post the sales in advance and anytime it was something really good it sold out so fast. Second, people really hyped up the deal sites and didn't address the downsides of them at all.  And they posted EVERY deal even if it was toilet paper or free gum packs.  I am not really into the whole freebie thing.  I focus on style. I also really appreciate good designers and labels and often found them at a great price at online boutiques.  I wanted to have a place where it could all come together and I could weed out all of the junky stuff that kept showing up too. So, in hindsight the name NewDayNewDeals was a bad choice.  It confuses people into thinking that I only talk about deal sites.  Overall, my mission is to get your kids into the best brands for the best price.

TLSF: What is the best deal you have ever scored?

Sarah: Hmm.... probably either 6 pairs of new See Kai Run shoes for $61 shipped or this huge haul of Fore, Axel and Hudson/Knuckleheads/Go Gently Baby for my son where I got 11 things for $70 shipped.

TLSF: What are your favorite flash sale sites you would recommend moms should check out on a daily basis?

Sarah: It totally varies on a daily basis because each New Day there are all New Deals and it is so hard to check them all out.  That is why I post a "Daily Deals Blog" each night with what the deal sites will have the next day.  That was you know ahead of time if you are interested in checking anything out and don't have to get sucked into going through all of them from 8am through noon everyday.

TLSF: What are your favorite kids clothing brands?

Sarah: I am basically obsessed with Persnickety for my daughter and I love Mini Boden for my son.  They each have their own style blogs at www.AbbyTrends.com and www.JakeTrends.com where I post what they wore each day.  I do this to show what the brands look like in 'real life' and also help my readers with sizing questions since many shop online and don't have access to a lot of this stuff in their local brick and morters.

 TLSF: Where do you find the best deals for yourself? What is the best find you have found for yourself?

Sarah: The funny thing is that I don't.  I used to love shopping for myself but after having two kids in two years I keep putting it off.  I need to pull myself together and do shopping as soon as I lose the last few pound from baby #2.  But that is why I channel all of my energy into shopping for my kids!  They are always growing and get new wardrobes each year!

TLSF: If you were stranded on an Island, what three things would you bring with you?
Sarah: First, I would give anything to go to that Island ...asasp.  With teething and the terrible twos I am losing my mind.  Then I would bring my iphone, my laptop and skinny girl margaritas.
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