Kids haircuts and be stressful.  Especially a first haircut.  Taking a toddler to any new place with unfamiliar sounds and people can be enough to want to pack a Target wine juice box with you in your diaper bag.  Here are a few tips and tricks to make your child's next (or first) hair cut a breeze. 1.  Pick a kid friendly location.  The kids and I love Pigtails & Crewcuts.  There is a train table and fun things to do while waiting, the kids pick their favorite movie to watch and choose their own car to sit in.  Plus people who sign up to work at a kids salon usually are great with kids.

Plenty of 'grown up' salons also do kids haircuts but call ahead and book a stylist who is experienced and comfortable with kids.  Pack a DVD player and favorite show, iPhone, sucker or whatever keeps your child relaxed and happy.

2.  Have a plan.  After you book the appointment, decide what hairstyle will work best for your child.  Scroll through US Weekly and browse for the celeb kids sections to get style ideas just like you would for yourself.  If you have a boy, this can be simple - clean it up, buzz it for summer, etc.  But if you have a girl it can include much more deliberation.  Take an objective look at your daughter's hair to decide what style will be the easiest and cutest on her.

For fine, straight hair a chin length bob is darling, especially if her hair is easily tangled.  If your daughter's hair seems to grow straight down and in her eyes, go for bangs.  (bangs can take a while to grow out so make sure you love the idea before the stylist snips!)  Minimal trimming will keep her looking stylish and from constantly brushing her hair out of her eyes.

For thick hair or wavy/curly hair, usually getting a trim while young to keep things even (and from an inadvertent mullet) is great.  When the hair is long enough, getting layers cut in will help keep it easy to style and reduce tangles.  Bangs may not lay nicely when there is wave/curl so the use of clips and bows to keep the hair out of her eyes might work best.

Our daughter, M, has fine, wispy hair that grows forward and was constantly in her eyes.  She received her first hair cut at just before two that cleaned up the edges and added bangs for an easy to style, low maintenance chin length bob.  And it's really cute.

kids hair cut

3.  Before you leave for the appointment ...

  • Brush through your child's hair and eliminate all knots and tangles.
  • Discuss with your boy/girl what will happen, your expectations of the child and treats/rewards for a job well done.
  • Bring a comfort item from home - a favorite small stuffed animal or lovie will help keep your child calm.
  • Check your diaper bag/purse to double check that you have your bribes - DVD player, candy, iPhone, etc.- and camera.
  • TLSF reader Jessica W. suggests bringing a cousin or friend along to keep your child distracted.  Maybe a polish change when the cuts are over as a fun treat?
These easy tips will keep your child happy and make your next kids hair cut a breeze.
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