This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints.  Visit for a great selection of holiday cards.  Betsy and I will show you ours once they get mailed, we don't want to ruin the surprise!  

Trick-or-Treating is over and the local radio station has switched to Christmas music as of five minutes ago.  Pretty soon, well in about a month, we will walk to our mailboxes and find them overflowing with holiday cards from family and friends.

Tiny Prints has said that each holiday card you receive is like getting a little gift.  We couldn't agree more.  But what do you do after you have opened all of those little gifts from friends and family?  Do you stuff them in a drawer?  Throw them in the garbage?

Here are holiday card display ideas that will show off your family and friends for the entire season.  {Click the photo for more information.}


holiday card displaysPottery Barn Kids

holiday card displayMartha Stewart

holiday card displayMartha Stewart

holiday card displayLand of Nod

holiday card displayHouse and Home

holiday card displayGina Cristine Photography

holiday card


Do you have great holiday card display ideas?  Leave them in a comment below or share them on The Little Style File Facebook page.  Visit Tiny Prints for a great selection of holiday photo cards to send warm greetings to your friends and family!